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Versatile casual shoes/sneakers?

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    Versatile casual shoes/sneakers?

    I'm looking for a pair of casual shoes/sneakers that is super versatile.

    Color-wise, I wear dark wash jeans and khaki chinos, and I'm not sure what shoe color will work best with those two, while working well with shorts during summer. I've narrowed the colors down to white, gray, and brown.

    As for material, I think suede might be a bit too much maintenance for all-weather and all-season purpose. Canvas is probably the easiest, but leather could be doable.

    What are some important qualities of a versatile casual shoes/sneakers?

    Thank you!

    One option you can look at are the adidas BW Army shoes. They have minimal branding and excellent quality and comfort. They are on sale right now in either white or navy. Either one would work for your needs.


      I would recommend some different laces if you want to change up how the sneakers are. For example, if the sneakers have tan soles, you can swap in tan laces to match. Or, if you are wearing a neutral outfit and want some pop, you can lace in some contrast color laces.

      I also keep a few pairs of white laces in different lengths so that I can put in a different pair of white laces while I soak another pair in oxiclean.

      I know this isn't asked and you probably won't do this, but one thing I wouldn't recommend is accessorizing too much around the sneakers. If you get nice leather sneakers, it's okay to match a watch strap or some minor detail. But, don't try to match everything like they were dress shoes... I see this way too often where men will be wearing a sneaker with three colors and have a hat and shirt with the same three colors; this looks ridiculous, imho.