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  • Front page: j crew Blazers

    What are people's thoughts on the 2 Blazers mentioned on the front page?

    Is the 100% wool legacy blazer THAT much better than the blended blazer?


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    I’d personally take the blended one because I prefer to have minimal lining, instead of fully lined. They are both very nice in person, and I don’t see the added value in the legacy blazer unless you want the structure/lining.


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      Also think how you will wear it.

      I reach for my Bonobos unstructured blazer before my JCrew 100% wool. Actually I don't find myself needing something as dressy as the JCrew (work is business causal...I'm in IT). I can get away with the unstructured hopsack weave and other knit blazers. Generally only some upper level employees wear suits/more dressy blazers. Plus I prefer to wear the unstructured when I'm out on the weekend.

      Although for JCrew I need the Crosby fit (have ludlow topcoat and cotton/linen blazer, and both are a little tight through the chest).


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        Heads up - not sure how or why, but I just bought this blazer, and when I went to my cart and entered the code, it gave me an extra 10% off on top of the 30% off promo. Might be a good time to pull the trigger if you're on the fence - you can always return it later if necessary.


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          Just ordered. I also have the jcf Thompson Chino jacket so hopefully thats not too much overlap with the blended wool...


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            They added an additional 10% off the 30% today. I picked up the Unstructured Navy Blazer in American wool. This is my third navy blazer in a week (other two were off Grailed), so I may need a 12 step meeting.