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Tips/help for a facilitation session: polos

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    Tips/help for a facilitation session: polos

    So I’ll be leading some facilitation sessions for the USMC next week in San Diego. Our lead director asked me my thoughts on us all wearing team polos to identify ourselves. I said I wouldn’t prefer it. We should be professional in our business attire etc. we should do nice name badges.

    Well got an email last night to send in my polo shirt size. “They are white and made of a light dry-wick fabric that you can pair with Kaki’s or dress pants.”

    I don’t wear polos because generally I wear a sport coat or suit and I find they don’t look good on me. I find the dry wick ones look poor on 90% of people, usually show too much man nipple (no thank you), I run cold especially in the large hotel conference rooms, etc.

    I don’t own kakis. But seems I’m stuck with them for 4 days but I won’t see them until I’m in San Diego. I’m probably over thinking this but would appreciate any tips.

    Would you get kakis or pair with my wool trousers in gray and blue? Any tips for dressing them up?

    Should I still bring jackets to wear over them? Febreeze to keep it fresh?

    I’m usually a big time planner and don’t like unknown so I’m not happy about being surprised with a polo shirt when I arrive I’ve got to dress around.

    This is an interesting problem you have here.

    My first question is: do you only get one polo for the entire 4 days? And are you then required to wear it all four days? That would seem a bit harsh and unrealistic.

    Nonetheless, if you are required to wear it even just once, you’ve got a solution to find.

    Being a golfer, half of my wardrobe is golf shirts. And the most recent trend is the poly/spandex/nylon fabric. The trick to these shirts, I’ve found, is finding the right fit and a cooperative collar. Unfortunately this seems well out of your control as it will be handed to you.

    I also work for athletics at a college and have purchased and selected off brand polos for times such as these. The fit and quality of the off brand ones just tends to suck. Big can be BIG. And you don’t want TIGHT with white.

    Do you wear an undershirt ever? This could be a consideration. Gray might work to provide variety with the white. And would take care of any see through worries.

    As far as pants goes- it’s tough. And I hate it. I hate wearing dry wick fabric with dress pants and dress shoes. It feels like two halves of a different person stuck together.
    Khakis not much better.
    I’ve tried wearing them with golf specific pants, which tend to have more poly in the content. But then I’ve struggled to find a shoe that works.

    So I gave up and left golf clothes to the golf course.

    I personally don’t like a sport coat or blazer over a polo, but that’s me. You’ll probably want options I’m guessing- so you might want to bring them anyway?

    Pants and shoes would be my biggest concern going in.

    Good luck.

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      No idea, about the polos, but make sure those khakis have pleats!


        Originally posted by Shade View Post
        No idea, about the polos, but make sure those khakis have pleats!
        This brings back bad grade school and Hugh school uniform memories lol.

        It appears one polo. Confirming but trying to not sound whining since I already was against them.


          I have this problem occasionally as well. We have 3-4 conferences a year and the company prefers branded polos for most of them. The problem I run into is size.....if it’s and Under Armor or certain Nike, I am a medium. If they buy Calloway or other Nike, I am a small. They always order me a medium. Sometimes I end up looking like a little kid in an oversized nightgown.

          The trick is to not overthink it. It’s just 4 days of your life. You might not look your best, but if you wear well fitting pants and a smart pair of derby’s, you will look better than 90% of your co-workers. Also realize that you are probably the only one that realizes that the look is not as sharp as they think it is.


            I feel your pain but...unless you're the boss (and if you were, you wouldn't be facing this conundrum) I would wear what the boss tells you to wear while on duty. Off duty, wear what you want. If he wants you to look like a unit you need to look like a unit - even if you do stand out in a stylish way I'm not sure standing out is appropriate in this setting. It's your call though as you are more familiar with the situation, heirarchy, and requirements
            “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain


              If your boss wants you to wear a polo shirt, I don't think you have much choice. I would look at it as a uniform that I have to wear while on duty. Most uniforms are not stylish anyway.
              Wearing an undershirt is a good idea ( V neck is better )


                Fortunately or unfortunately? It's not my boss ... I was just asked to support this facilitation session. Sounds like make the best of it, undershirt definitely. No jacket over it as it would compound the problem.


                  I would just grin and bear it. I don't think you need to go out and buy khakis but IMO dress trousers are a mismatch for a polo - especially a "sport" polo - so I would stick to whatever you have for chinos - grey, navy, olive, etc.

                  If it were me - and I'm not necessarily recommending this for anyone else, just kind of spit-balling from my own perspective - I would consider layering the polo over a short-sleeved button-down shirt. Then maybe giving the sleeves a roll, depending how they fit.

                  Something like a short-sleeved iteration of this:

                  Or an untucked, tieless version of this:

                  Could be a nice way of making the look "your own" if you're on the younger and fitter side.

                  You could also layer over a long-sleeved henley for a more casual variation.


                    I would pair with some of those deep-pocket work pants to keep the tablet for people to sign for their deliveries.


                      Wear them with your wool trousers, and dress up and at the same time hide most of the polo with a thin cardigan, or a chunky shawl one if it's colder.


                        Given this is a session for the USMC, I can understand the motivation to appear as an aligned team and not wanting to leave much to chance in terms of the attire (not knowing anything about the business relationship or terms of your teams involvement with them). As mentioned, I would just grin and bear is nice that it is a white polo, at least, for flexibility on the pants. I would probably pair with some light weight slim fit chinos in khaki and navy along with a pair of tan brogues. If you really feel the need to have a sport coat, if you have an unstructured cotton one or two that go with the general ensemble, I would take it as well. Just pray to god that polo is not massively over-sized!