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    Preferred Perfumes / Deos

    What are your favorite perfumes (summer / winter) and deodorants and what are the ones you currently use?

    Perfumes: Bulgari Aqua, Burberry Touch, Kenneth Cole Black.

    Deodorants: Been using Axe Excite & Old Spice Matterhorn recently..


    Cool Water (although I only use cologne occasionally)

    Whichever Old Spice Red Zone has the name that speaks to me on the day i happen to be buying deodorant.



      I don't use cologne much anymore. Everybody has allergies these days. When I do, it's either Polo Black, or one of 4 from a small travel kit I got long ago that has Polo Sport, Safari (like it!), the original green bottle, and Crest (I believe that's what it's called). Also a big fan of Terre d'Hermes in the fall/winter.

      Deodorant - whatever was on sale.



        I used to wear Touch, but now I use Lacoste Essential. I think it's a good warm weather cologne because it has a fresh/citrusy smell.



          Burberry London, John Varvatos Artisan Eau De Toilette, Diesel Fuel For Life

          Old Spice After Hours

          Side note: I tried the the Dove Unscented, it was amazing (so you Deo and Cologne dont cross paths)... but my pits don't really sweat so I shy away from antiperspirants.



            Kenneth Cole Black, Chanel Blu, Armani - Aqua di Gio (cliche), Calvin Klein One Summer



              right now i have light blue from dolce gabbana and just purchased perry ellis platinum label for evenings. both are good summer colognes, light blue for those days at the beach and perry ellis for the city nights



                Don't have a cologne, but it's on my items to get once I start dating more seriously.

                Deodorant, Arm & Hammer unscented antiperspirant. I know they're not as good for you, but I can't stand strong deodorants.



                  I've been using the original Armani for at least 17 years. It has a citrusy scent so now I only use it in the spring and summer:

                  I use the original John Varvatos in fall and winter:


                  I use Arm&Hammer Essentials unscented natural Deodorant:




                    I second the Arm & Hammer Essentials. My favorite deodorant of all time.

                    They are actually starting to market it as an anti-yellow stain product. Strong fashion sense!



                      Cool Water

                      Mitchum for deodorant.



                        Gucci Guilty at the moment, but I think i'll be switching back to Light Blue by Dolce & Gobanna.



                          I would highly recommend Versace Man. It's incredible. Great masculine scent. On Amazon for $41:

                          If you want a good cologne and want to support a small US business, I would also recommend Moonshine. It has a strong cedar scent that some would consider lumberjack-ish, but hey, I cut down two trees today. I technically am a lumberjack.



                            I was considering the Moonshine -- you like it NC? I don't wear cologne at all currently (still have half bottles from high school that somehow have made it this far, but haven't been opened in a decade), but thought grabbing some to wear once in a while would be cool.



                              Any thoughts on the Issey Miyake cologne?