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Protecting soles on Allen Edmonds

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    As surprising as it may sound, some people end up dragging their feet to some extent and that takes a toll on the soles as well..



      @ pratyk: That's why I made a conscious effort to walk heel-to-toe. It also helped with creasing along the top, too.



        FWIW, all of the cobblers I've gone to use Vibram rubber soles (not Topy).



          I just want to give an update. I had the local shoe store put on some rubber roles on the heel and the front half on the toe (where the shoe hits the ground).

          Night and day difference. I was wearing the shoes in question only every other week as I didn't want to destroy them. Now I'm wearing once a week to work, and whenever I go out on the weekends. The shoe grips much better when I walk. I work in a Federal prison, hence all concrete floors, and the shoes are quiet now, no annoying everyone as I walk down the hallway.

          $10 that was really well spent.



            Question about adding a rubber half sole: can they be added when a sole has already started showing serious wear? Or is it too late then?

            Also, these don't cause problems for resoling do they?

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              @Greg-s, I called AE and they said as long as the rubber topy is glued on, there should be no problems with the resoling.



                Wow thanks, somatic. I really appreciate you making that call.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Oh nice. I'm still debating whether or not to get topy. Whats the general consensus from you guys on your higher end shoes? If I only had 2-3 shoes in my rotation it would be a no brainer. But I've got quite a few so far and can't imagine I'll need to replace the sole too often due to that.




                    Like you, I do have a good number of high end shoes. I wear each one about once a week. I highly recommend getting a topy for a number of reasons.

                    1. It protects the soles and will make them last longer. I walk on concrete all day, so my shoes would likely have to be resoled after 2-3 years.

                    2. You don't have to worry about stepping on anything that could potentially damage/stick the the soles. A wash cloth gets rid of gum and other general crud you may step in.

                    3. It makes the shoes a lot quieter, no heavy clicking sound as you walk the hallway.

                    4. The shoes grip much better, no worries about slipping on wet floors/stairs.

                    5. Its cheap to get them put on (about $10-15), and easy to remove if you don't like them.



                      @somatic: thanks for the feedback. I've already worn my shoes several times already tho. Is topying too late or do I have to wait until the next resole?