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[REVIEW] Giorgio Brutini Medallion Cap Toe Oxford Review

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    [REVIEW] Giorgio Brutini Medallion Cap Toe Oxford Review

    Sorry for the lack of pics, but my cell phone camera hasn't been working well lately. Based of Sabir's suggesstion, I bought a pair in Brown.


    -Non shiny leather. For $70, I was expecting that super shiny Stacey Adams look, but the leather really does look good.

    -They seem fairly sturdy, I haven't worn them yet (I need exchange them for a smaller), but just trying them on and the over feel, I don't think these will fall apart.

    -Good color, will go with pretty much anything but charcoal and black.

    -Overall, just a really good looking shoe. Its not AE, but you could wear these with a suit with no problem.


    -They rune really long. I vacillate between a 11 and 11.5 in dress shoes. The reviews said they run a bit long so I ordered a 11. I'm exchanging them for a size 10. There is no other shoe in which I even wear a 10.5. So order down one size (at least).

    -This is a personal style perference, but they do have a more elongated toe than I thought it would be. Very European style of shoe. I prefer a more rounded toe. But again this is a personal perference, not a true negative.


    -A great pair of beater dress shoes. I own two pairs of AE, which I wear about every other week to work. I always have a pair of cheaper brown oxfords and loafers to wear the rest of the time. While inexpensive, these shoes don't feel cheap and certainly look better than anything else in the $70 price range. I will wear the hell out of them until they fall apart.


    Thanks for the review. Some pics would be great if you can get that going. Do they have leather or rubber soles? Rubber soles are actually more of a pro than a con for "beater" dress shoes for me so that I have a bad weather option.



      @Alan, they are rubber soles. I should be able to get some pics up later this week.

      Im with you, I strongly prefer rubber roles for my beater shoes. Easy to get mud and grime off them.



        Durability is nice, but I worry most about comfort and breathability when it comes to everyday beater shoes. I find Cole Haans typically do the trick in this regard. How do the DSW's compare?



          @chesteadman. They are durable and breathable. In terms of quality I would put them a half step below the lines of J&M and Cole Haan that run in the $150 range.



            Thanks, somaticmarker1.



              Is the color (dark brown/reddish) like the picture shows? One of the reviews on their site says that they're more tan than the picture shows.



                @Ryan. They are lighter than the picture. More of a tan brown, a couple shades darker than a walnut color



                  I actually bought and then immediately returned them afterwards. I didn't like the color and the toe was way too narrow for my taste. They do look/feel cheap - and I'm not a shoe snob in any sense. My most expensive shoe purchase to date has been a pair of Cole Hann split toe oxfords on sale for less than 60.



                    I would second neyugnaq's experience. I also would like to add that the shoe is cut a bit low heightwise So the fit is a bit odd to me and not good for men with high or wide feet.



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                        i personally disagree with neyugnaq. I got mine a couple days ago and I think they look great. The toe is a little long, but if you get the right size they fit very nicely. The leather doesn't look cheap in a negative way, but you can tell that they probably aren't 400 dollar shoes. For a beater shoe that can work in a lot of functions I'd definitely go for it.



                          Can anyone post pics so I can get an idea of the color? I'm looking for an inexpensive beater shoe that has the range to be worn with khaki color pants and darker gray.