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    @tomservo: I'm less excited about style fight club. I just know I'm going to scuff my new shoes. :-P



      Can the victor loot the other persons shoes? Pretty please.



        Man do I know what you mean. When ever my friends see me in nicer/dressier cloth, or cloth that fit the way they are suppose to, I get the stupid questions and get poked fun of a little. Doesn't bother me too much,considering most of them dress like bums and are between 25-30, they're the fools. Its like,man look at yourself in the mirror. They dont now how to match anything, or buy the right things/size, or at least imo.

        I've got a friend or two who I have to constantly remind, when ever we go to a bar/club or a upper scale area, even a casino...not to wear flip flops,old beat up band tee's and basketball shorts! I just don't get it. Dont get me wrong I still wear my t-shirt(clean newer well taken care of t's), but always nicer jeans any time I go out, and you wouldnt catch me dead in flip flops at a bar or club. I'm wearing b-ball shorts right now, in the comfort of my house not expecting company,going out. Maybe it's just the way we were raised, when I was little my mom always said, if ur socks or underwear have any holes in them,throw them out. If you have an emergency and have to go to the doctor or hospitol you dont wanna be embaressed. And always have clean shoes.

        Some people just don't care about the way the look or what they wear. Fashion/style isn't something they are into. I just tell myself, that cute well dresses woman over there damn sure isn't looking at those bummy ass guys. They notice the freshness.

        I'm getting my GROWN MAN on little boy!



          Kittiwake30, I know how you feel. I'm stuck in the middle of the desert in the southwest for a few months before heading off to the UK (civilization). People here dress worse than anywhere that I have previously lived. I generally wear nice jeans, a button down, leather shoes (typically Allen Edmonds), and rarely a tie or a blazer to work. I'm always the best-dressed person in the room.

          My solution has been to store my nicer clothing and dress down. It attracts less attention and heckling. I can always dress nicely in my own time when I go out for drinks, dinner, etc.



            Keep dressing well, and keep your cool. It will do wonders for you. Whenever I'm out and someone asks me why I'm so dressed up, I reply with a simple "no, I'm not". That throws them off a little. If you've ever been to Philadelphia the phrase "dressing well" means wearing your Eagles jersey that doesn't have mustard stains on it, so wherever you are, a little flash goes a long way.



              I remebered this from 30andboke.tumblr, and had to post it here.

              I tried to just post the picture but no luck. It says, "Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness"




                This is exactly how you respond:



                  @taz Best response so far...

                  Part of the style is in the attitude. Wear the clothes, of course, but don't forget to BE the guy wearing them as well...make sense?

                  People who go out of their way to make comments about your wardrobe have serious hesitations about themselves. Be unapologetic.



                    Today I'm wearing a pink buttoned shirt, blazer (with pocket square), and navy suede loafers. I wonder how that would fly in Podunk, USA. :-)






                        I can't pull off 95% of what he's doing (rounding up on my end), but that dude has some style.