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    Here's their description:

    We are on a mission to deliver authentic, stylish, and unique products to every single man in the world's doorstep.

    For only $39 we send you an amazingly curated theme of products each month (worth >$80 of Retail Value!), from Cuban Cigars to Stylish Oxfords to Classic Wayfarers.</blockquote>

    Once you sign up, you get the explanation for the referral program:

    You can really help us out by sharing your unique URL with your friends:

    Don't bother Spamming, we verify all the email addresses!

    5 = get off the waiting list and get to be a part of something pretty freakin' awesome.

    10 = off the waitlist, + 50% off your first shipment

    25 = your name will be on the outside of every box that goes out in our first month + first month free

    100 = your first 2 shipments free and a steak dinner in your city with all the martinis you can drink

    250 = entire first year free, no strings attached

    500= we will personally go to your home to deliver your box, take a video, and post on our homepage for a week, + entire first year free

    1,000 = 500 drink open bar for you and your friends in any city of your choice + entire first year free

    10,000 = We'll take an ad out in the New York Times honoring you as an amazing human creature + entire first year free</blockquote>

    So...if 10,000 of you would click my referral link, that would be greaaaat. I signed up about a month ago and haven't gotten into the program yet.


    I bit. Sounds interesting. Here's my link..



      Here's mine:

      I used Steve's.



        Alright, I'm willing to give it a go.

        Here's my link:



          Here's mine. I used JGloger



            I used chetsteadman's.




              Here is mine. i used voteejordan's




                Here's mine - I used soniramesh's.




                  Here is mine. I signed up a while ago and forgot about it until now.




                    Is this like Frank and Oak, where if you don't buy something that month, you're still charged a minimum amount to continue membership? Or can I just choose to take 1 or 2 months out of the year that I like?



                      I don't know anybody who knows! I need one more referral to get in. Sheesh, these referral programs are ridiculous.



                        It does seem a bit silly that they make you go through all this effort to give them your money. I suppose once someone actually gets in we'll find out whether or not it's worth it.



                          It says I have 6 sign ups (talked a few guys into it from work). Still no access. I suppose there's a verification process...?



                            They start mid-July they say.



                              I used michaelt's link

                              Here's mine: