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    Menswear Startups

    So I've tried Bespoke Post, Birchbox for Men, you name it.

    Today, Style Girlfriend linked to an article about the top 10 men's fashion startup which got me signing up to more sites... Anyways, I hadn't heard of more than a couple so I figured it's worth passing on:


    I canceled my subscription to both. I got my Birchbox this week and felt it was more stuff I'm not interested in. They sent a t-shirt. I don't wear t-shirts. They sent sunblock. I don't use sunblock. They sent shaving cream. I have a beard. And a sample of shampoo and conditioner that's smaller than a hotel bottle.

    Bespoke Post is making a good effort, but I just can't get excited about the "stereotypically manly" things they're coming up with. Grilling? Yawn. Aging a mixed drink? I might have a beer now and then, but no mixed drinks. And now a soy candle and a blank journal? Wha?



      Need article and there seems to be some worth checking out. I have yet to buy from one of these per month or flash sale places. Mainly because I haven't had my level of interest peeked enough. I still keep an eye out to see if anything interesting comes around.



        nicholascrawford, soy candles are perfect for dissolving tears of regret. Blank journals may be used to hit yourself over the head as you lament money ill spent.



          I have some candles that use soy(finally a safe use for men with that estrogen raising SOB bean), but they also double as massage oil/moisturizer. Maybe that's what they are for NC, a little bow-chik-a-wow-wow



            I signed up for the Frank and Oak Hunt Club and have never used that service. Recently, I picked up a shirt of some sort from them due to a discount, but there other stuff seems to be sort of "meh".

            I think Everlane has some good quality items, but nothing I really need.



              @guilty I am really liking the Everlane bag they just released. We will be going to Vegas in January and I need a nice carry on.



                @bremersm, the Everlane bag is a nice one for the price, but I saved up for the Urban Daddy Will Leather Goods deal - The Hemingway duffel for $245 (regular is $350). Lovely bag - canvas twill and leather ( I can't wait to use it on my next trip!

                There are a lot of good options on as well as reviews. If you're looking for a step up from the basic, functional nylon duffel, the Navali Stowaway Canvas and Leather Weekender Bag looks like a good deal. It's $134 (down from $245), comes with a shoulder strap (the Everlane design excludes one), and I guess it can double as a pillow, according to the description. It's $34 more than the Everlane, but a different styling.


                Another option is a more traditional military style barrel bag, available at a very respectable $69. Link:

                Another one is the Cutter & Buck Weekender (which looks a bit smaller) for $103. Link: Also check out the Legacy Weekender Duffle for $50 more:

                Last one I'll post (and I saved one of the best for last) is the Filson oil Finish Duffle Bag - Filson has a fantastic reputation for solid products (I love my 256 briefcase). I would expect that this would be no exception. $105.

                What's your price range, feature focus?



                  Speaking of startups, Belle & Clive has some nice stuff. There's a Matt & Nat travel bag for $99 (regular price: $220) and a J. Fold bag for $129 (regular price: $195). Both don't look like they'd be as large as a true duffel, but just though I'd add that in there.

                  You can sign up on your own at Or I can send you an invite with your email address.



                    I don't find candles romantic - they keep me fretting about them as a fire hazard. Plus the economist in me keeps thinking about how much money per hour we're spending for the candles as they burn.



                      I prefer reed diffusers over candles. They last longer and are a bit more calming (to me).




                        I haven't tried any of the ones NC listed but I did recently sign up for this monthly service. It's not necessarily style related but you do sometimes get stuff to wear. This is only it's 2nd month (my box should be here tomorrow) and it looks like a pair of shoes and sunglasses were included this time around. Basically you pay $39/month and you're guaranteed to get a box with $125 worth of stuff.




                          @guiltybystander The Navali bag looks pretty sweet. Do you know where it is made?

                          The other bag I am am looking at is the Frost River Flight Bag.



                            Hi Bremersm, no, unfortunately I don't know where it's made... and the Frost River bags are great from what I've read.

                            Also, Property Of bags are on sale at gilt: Invite link if needed:



                              Well the Navali bags are made in China. I think I will go with Frost River.