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What do people think of these Hush Puppies

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    What do people think of these Hush Puppies

    Posting with a link doesn't seem to be working. Google Hush Puppies Carver. Looking at the carver in the whiteish color.

    I find them very intriguing, but I am worried I might be the only one. I find I love the look of the wingtip, but they are a little too dressed up for most of my causal gear. These could be perfect. Thoughts?


    I saw those about a month ago on a Last Call sale. I think they look awesome. I would get a pair if my main pair of sneakers wasn't in a similar color of suede (though they're not nearly as cool as these ones).

    And honestly, I wouldn't worry about them being too dressed up for casual gear. The suede will make it fit in with casual stuff, as will the laces. I think it'll just look like a super cool casual shoe. (And honestly, I wouldn't try pairing it with anything more dressy than chinos and a button-down).

    But now that you've reminded me about these, I actually might spring for some in one of the brown/tan colors if I catch a sale.



      I should clarify, I love the wingtips that I have (Mcallisters) but I find them too dressy for some casual circumstances, mostly on weekends. I think these could be a perfect casual shoe that keeps the wingtip vibe I like. I'm not worried that they would be too dressy, but rather that they might look odd as a sneaker attempt at a dressier shoe.



        Hm. Not sure what to think of those. The white sole throws me off. Feels like a hybrid between Vans and suede wingtips. Not sure if I like it or not. Personally, I'd prefer something like these:

        - 1901 Mason

        - Sperry Top-Sider

        - Sperry Top-Sider Gold Cup

        - Johnston & Murphy McPherson



          ^^^what he said. I like his option 3 & 4 and these with laces:



            I love them. I just bought a pair.

            On, they are running a $20 a $90 purchase, so I got them for $80. Seems like the best price available right now.