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Best 2 piece canvas watch straps?

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    Best 2 piece canvas watch straps?


    -Forest green (dark green)
    -Leather lined
    -Water proof

    Looking to make the switch from NATO straps in order to reduce the bulk on some watches.

    Something like this (but this is sold out):

    EDIT: ended up finding this on ebay for $20, but still looking for suggestions as I wouldn't mind having the style in different colors
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    Leather lined and waterproof is a bit of a contradictory request. Most water resistant straps avoid leather.

    if any of these colors work for you, do it, no hesitation...

    If you want a little cheaper, I like these too. They are thinner but have more colors and the quick release is nice...

    also, check out sailcloth. more limited in color but meant for water...

    the cordura has a rep for being stiff and not lasting very long. I was going to try one anyway but I think the length was more than I like.