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    Leather glove fit


    Wondering if I can get some thoughts on these gloves. They're not as tight as I'd like them to be. But they're Orvis and don't come in a size S. I'm actually finding size S to be pretty difficult to find. And, to get in this color especially.

    If I don't really work the gloves on and slide the fingers up to the knuckles, there's a 1/4 inch of space at the tips of several fingers and the thumb. Can I make these work, or should I send them back?

    If you're planning to use your fingers for anything semi-delicate while wearing those I'd send them back. In fact, I'd argue not to purchase gloves online if one is hoping for a decent fit. If I try on gloves in a store I find that every pair deviates a little bit, so even within a size it can take some time to find a pair that fit snug.

    (My test for trying on gloves is seeing if I can take out my wallet, and then pull out a credit card while still wearing them. If it fails that, then they'll probably end up being a hassle.)


      banana republic sells size small gloves


        You can make them work in the same sense that you can make any ill fitting garment work. But if they don't fit (and they clearly don't), you're probably better off sending them back and getting something else.

        I got a very nice pair of brown leather gloves last year in size S from Ralph Lauren.


          Get them wet, dry them somewhere a little warm.

          they'll shrink like crayyyy


            Thanks all. Yeah, I think I knew that I needed to return, but the quality and color of both the leather and the lining was just what I was looking for.

            Anyone interested in purchasing them for $90? Size M. And no longer available on the website.


              OP, I can't see your photos but these just came in the mail today and I got a size small:


              I actually ordered a medium too but they'll be going back. Up until now every pair of gloves I tried on have been either baggy or I'd have 'Grinch fingers' where the fingers would be too long.

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