Versace Sunglasses 2058b Discounted Gucci Sunglasses The Lu was eastern great how again send back it come The old beard smiles a way:"General, the lane doesn't like this jade Qie is an eastern great Lu daughter, is the Turkic country teacher the personal character that has a liking for you, want to make the jade Qie give to you to this gold knife, recruit you and is a son-in-law!!" Lin Wan Rong cautiously studied that gold knife, didn't see Lu eastern great make secret arrangements and then accepted penknife into bosom and said with smile:Coach Purple Sunglasses,"The jade Qie is a Lu east great daughter!Bad bamboo good bamboo shoot!Beard eldest brother you also the Te can guess!You still rather say that she is a Turkic khan, recruit I do sweat king, that my in the mind O.K. leads 1:00, ha ha!" Beard not return also is to smile, say my beard Zou, general wood but than I more the ability is blind bye pull.His sight very good, the taste falls the box that is almost overalied by Huang Sha over there up, have a Juan silks to peep out dime unclearly, the old beard is immediately surprised voice:Carrera Andy Sunglasses,"General, seem to be still have already sealed letter!" Just attended to see gold knife and poured is don't notice there is still a Juan book in the box.The wood glory late clapped to clap the dust and sand on the box and pulled out that Juan cloth, wore moonlight to sweep one eye. That Juan silks is delicately soft, twisting write six big words:"Everything all probably!" The record of writing on the Juan silks is rather all awkward, connect kid in Ta-hua's handwritings,Carrera Sunglasses For Women, want come to should be a Lu east great book, does he come back gold knife still. Gucci Sunglasses Repair Prada Sunglasses For Women 2011