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    Tailoring Prices

    For several years, following observations were made:

    - Fit is one of the most important aspects of style and fashion
    - Most suits or blazers off the rack will require some sort of tailoring investment to get the right fit for you
    - Good tailor is a treasure
    - Tailoring is a financial investment

    I just took 5 blazers and suit jackets to get the sleeves hemmed. All of them were non functioning sleeves.

    What is a going rate for tailoring? The price quoted was 35 dollars.
    I had jeans hemmed and they quoted me 14 dollars.

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    $30-40 for jacket sleeve shortening (non functional) $60-80 for functional.
    $15-25 hem including cuff
    $15-25 below knee tapering

    For a suit, I often get sleeves shortened, waist in/out, hump fold removal (redo of the back collar), pants hemmed/cuffed, many times the waist in/out and occasionally seat adjustment or tapering. I usually pay $80-120 for all the above at an Italian tailor who also offers full in house bespoke.


      I typically use a tailor in the mall. He does sleeves on jackets for $20 and will bring in the jacket waist for another $20, with a pant hem usually costing $10. While he does these well, I’m not sure I’d use him for more involved work.