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Needing general suit advice. Maxmizing my wardrobe/Expanding

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    Needing general suit advice. Maxmizing my wardrobe/Expanding


    I am a long time reader at Dappered but this is my first posting.

    I am looking for some advice when it comes to personal style. My career tends to keep me dressed up.

    By day I work in a financial institution.

    Slacks and button-up shirts. Tie is optional. A coat is overdoing it unless you are attending an event for an executive.

    Outside of this I am a minister. I wear a suit almost every sunday.

    Until recently I only wore 1 suit. A slim-fit black suit.

    I had a black with pinstripes but I took it to a tailor and it was ruined. And a charcoal suit that has seen better days and has been retired.

    I also have a tan suit. The coat fits wonderful. But the pants are too loose fitting. I keep it in my rotation but I plan to replace it quickly.

    This past weekend I picked up 2 suits at Kohl's and walked out spending only $225. Both fit great off the rack. I can't really afford a tailor right now so off the rack is the best I can do.

    This is a Billy London suit. It fit Great. But after getting it home I realized it has a slight sheen to it. Is that Normal? If so do I make any considerations when it comes to what I wear with it? p

    I also picked up a Chaps slim-fit grey suit. Much like the one below. But darker... More Charcoal than anything. I have been anxious to get a grey suit for sometime. Charcoal wasn't my first choice. I was really wanting a light grey. But still charcoal is a bit more versatile than black.

    I know I am making some sacrifices in quality in order to get a few more suits in my rotation. But I wear them quite often. My thought is that by rotating them they will last longer than wearing one suit continually (Which is what I have done traditionally) and I can then save up for a better quality suit and slowly replace these.

    That said... Should I consider adding another suit to this rotation? I've got 3 solid suits and then the tan one. But all of them are darker colors. I don't have a good summer suit.

    I also plan to add some coats to my closet but for now I may go the thrift store route. Anything to consider? An essential color? I'd like to add a tan/khaki-ish color as well as Navy.

    Sorry for the rambling post. Any insight or direction is appreciated. If I need to answer anything to better help you to help me just let me know.


    Thanks for the background on your career, it helps a lot here. If money's tight I would hold off on maybe adding another suit to this rotation. That being said, for $230 I would personally have considered a Macy's One Day Sale Hilfiger suit in grey or navy sharkskin. Or the J. Crew Factory Thompson suit for around 180 on a sale.

    So I notice a missing light grey and a missing navy. I think for most people their staple rotation is a charcoal, light or mid-grey, and a navy, and then they add on a tan in maybe cotton as a more summer-y suit. Even with the demands of your job, do you really feel like you need so many suits? Maybe it's just me, but wool suits are able to take a beating, and if you rotate between 3 or 4, they'll stay in pretty good shape. And the Hilfiger and Thompson suits actually look pretty good and may not even need replacing.

    Personally I'm not a fan of the Billy London suit because of the sheen, but if you need suits and can't come up with anything via thrifting in the next week or so, then you may consider keeping it.

    Finally a thought on the tan suit - it is much harder to find a suit jacket that fits than suit pants. Getting your pants tailored to fit you shouldn't cost much. Mine charges $10 to slim below the knees and $15 to take in or loosen the waist. For that price, if the tan suit is in good shape, fits as well as you say, and looks nice, I think it's worth it. Especially when the alternative is purchasing a new $200+ suit.

    As for other recommendations for suits, keep an eye on Lands End. When they have their big seasonal sales their suits can drop under around $200 for the jacket/pants, and several people here and even Put This On have said it's a good value for that price.



      I would take one navy worsted wool suit over 5 polyester suits.

      It sounds like a quality suit can be sooo much more expensive than a cheaper suit at Kohl's, but we could take Indochino as an example.

      I bought an Essential suit of theirs that sells for $379. There was a coupon code at the time for buying multiple suits that they don't do any more, but it includes a $75 tailoring credit. I ended up spending more than that on alterations, and they still picked up the tab. In a sense, the suit is selling for $300. It's the best suit I've ever worn. There are other routes with other companies to get there (Suit Supply, J. Crew Factory, etc), but I really put my money on the one suit that is perfect for me versus anything else.

      I would really encourage you to consider framing your wardrobe around one quality suit and an arrangement of accessories like pocket squares, shirts, ties, boutonnieres, cuff links, etc. that would multiply the possibilities.