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Just getting into mens fashion....trying to find my "style". I'm wasting money. Help

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    There are nine pages of replies, so I apologize if someone has already suggested this. Do you use Instagram? I have found a ton of inspiration there. Besides some of the well-dressed gents, I also recommend finding brands you like and following their posts. Drake's, for example had beautiful stuff. Many of their posts are generated from their look books, etc. You don't have to copy exact looks, but it is good for inspiration. You see a look that you want to use as inspiration, you can save the post in a Collection for later reference. I do it all the time. If you buy versatile pieces you should be able to mix and match to create the looks you want.

    PS: I am also 40, and find the Dappered threads to be a great source of information and opinions.

    Good luck!


      Originally posted by Token View Post
      Typically people don't button the bottom vest button, but regardless you put together a nice looking outfit.
      Yeah, I'm in the no-button camp. But it is interesting how well or not well this sartorial trait is known. When I wore my three-piece suit I left the bottom button of the vest undone. The wife's first comment on seeing me was "the bottom button of your vest is undone". A quick chat with her about King Edward and we're all good.


        The fit pic you posted looks super. The color combos are terrific. All that is a combo I'd love to wear. Good job there man. Vest button isn't a big deal. It is true that it's usually left unbuttoned.

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          Didn't read through everything, but I learned how to start dressing myself properly a few years ago.

          The big thing was looking at lots of pictures and doing a lot of reading. Eventually after seeing thousands of photos it started to click in my mind a bit. I really like the Dappered and Primer outfit posts.

          After that, there was definitely some trial and error...I would actually recommend NOT buying expensive things at first. Go with some cheaper but still decent stuff. I actually really like a LOT of what Target has now in the Goodfellow line. I've moved all my chinos, henleys, and jackets to that brand. They've kept it simple and it's fairly cheap too. I made that mistake with shoes...I bought several pairs of AE's either on clearance or lightly used because everyone loves AE's. Well I didn't know my style and those shoes are $200-300 a pair and I racked up big bills and didn't really like that that much. I'm actually much happier with some $150 shoes instead, and I'll happily buy another pair of $150 shoes after five years rather than spend $150 to get them recrafted.

          When I buy something I always think of how versatile it could be. I want to be able to dress up or down just about anything. I stick with a few basic colors too that are fairly interchangeable (navy, grey, cream, olive, burgundy). That way I can grab just about any shirt and any pair of pants and they will work well, then pick shoes to the occasion.

          One other rule I try and keep is nothing in black, aside from a pair of black shoes. I used to wear blue jeans and black everything else. Jackets, shoes, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, everything black. Problem is black can stick out like a sore thumb with other colors. Black coat with a navy hat and brown gloves looks awful. But a navy coat with brown leather gloves and a grey hat looks great.

          Don't try to follow every rule on these sites, especially the formal dress ones. Unless you are a lawyer in the 1950's you probably don't need to follow strict formal dress codes. Don't be afraid to have black brogues with contrast soles or wear a lighter jacket with darker slacks or dress casually sometimes (seriously some sites you think they wear a suit and tie to the beach).

          I think once you play around with different styles you'll start to really figure out your own style. Then you want to spend money on those good basic pieces, especially the ones you wear a lot. Like don't spend $1,000 on a suit if you wear it twice a year. But spend $300 on some nice boots if you wear them twice a week, you know?

          Anyways, I've kind of dressed myself down a bit at work (chinos and buttoned shirts with dress shoes but not overly polished) and dressed myself up a bit on the weekends (get rid of the cargo shorts and baggy pants and logo t-shirts).


            That`s not an ad at all, but I am a professional men`s stylist and, sure, I would advise you to hire some specialist like this once and find your own uniform style. Please, DO not think if you are dressed by someone with creative mind skills it means you will look like a cock!
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              Originally posted by BenjaminPo View Post
              That`s not an ad at all, but I am a professional men`s stylist and, sure, I would advise you to hire some specialist like this once and find your own uniform style. Please, DO not think if you are dressed by someone with creative mind skills it means you will look like a cock!
              With all respect personally to you dude, I do think that specialists in men`s fashion are losing edges and going crazy so often, have you seen (sure you did have) what model men wear at fashion shows???
              I care about myself and my look, I am a skinny tall guy and need to be careful about what I wear, I really wouldn't mind some advice about my style, but... I am a real simple brutal guy, not like a pink fluffy rabbit lol, what style do I need?