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    iTailor, Anyone use it?

    So between companies like Ratio, Blank Label, and a whole bunch of others, I found one store, iTailor, that seems to be in the same nature as everyone else, but only thing is the prices are significantly lower than other stores.

    Link is here.

    The most expensive shirts are only $45, which leaves me suspicious as far as degree of quality.... anyone have any testimonials?

    This is my story about my experience in buying a blazer and some shirts from iTailor. This is a long story, because it's hard to make a complicated story short.

    I had a friend measure me. We measured carefully, reconfirming the figures to make sure they were accurate. I then submitted my order and measurements using the procedure for this on iTailor's Internet site. The blazer cost $168.99, delivered. The shirts cost $52.94, each, delivered.

    I'm 6' 3" tall, weigh 230 pounds, and I lift weights. Because of this activity, I have large biceps and extra muscular upper torso, making me hard to fit. I can't buy ready made shirts and suits that fit properly.

    Consequently, apart from my on-line order, I sent a separate message to iTailor, with additional measurements, explaining my situation and asking them to provide extra room in the bicep and upper torso areas to ensure a good fit. Their on-line input for measurements has no provision for this additional information.

    The blazer (they call it a jacket), and shirts arrived in about 3-4 weeks. The all cotton shirts fit nicely. The shirt material is of good quality. They did a good job with the shirts. I'm pleased with them.

    The wool blend (70/30 polyester/wool) blazer fit nicely in the upper torso and bicep areas. However, the waist and hip areas are too tight. With it buttoned, the waist is stretched very tight and the rear center vent stands wide open as a result. I can wear it unbuttoned though, and it looks good that way.

    According to iTailor's FAQ, for confort and fit, they add 3-7 inches to customer's chest, waist and hip body measurements, depending on customer profile. I measured the jacket and determined they added 3 inches to the waist and 4 inches to the hip measurements. Those additional inches were not sufficient for my large frame (no fat), but they were in accordance with the FAQ. Oh my!

    So, I ordered another blazer with a different fabric. I used the same body measurements as before, but in a separate message I asked iTailor to add 6 inches to the waist and 7 inches to the hip measurements, rather than the 3 inches to the waist and 4 inches to the hip measurements they added originally. I asked that they duplicate the other measurements they used on my previous blazer order.

    The revised blazer arrived and it fit perfectly. I love it. I now have a blazer that looks good unbuttoned and another that looks good buttoned or unbuttoned. Ha!

    Based on my experience with iTailor, I would like to add the following observations on what I learned from all this. Others may benefit from my experience and perhaps they can apply it to any dealings they may have, not only with iTailor, but with any on-line vendor of made-to-measure garments.

    First, everyone should remember the differences in buying a garment custom made by a local tailor from that made by an on-line tailor. A local tailor measures you, fabricates your garment and performs several fittings to ensure proper fit. The local tailor performs all the work and assumes all the risk. Such custom made garments are often referred to as "bespoke" made.

    When you buy on-line, you measure yourself and send those figures to the on-line tailor. He fabricates your garment per your specifications, after which he sends the completed garment to your residence. He performs no fittings to make adjustments to ensure proper fit. Your body measurements may or may not be as accurate as those made by a tailor. Maybe some measurements are accurate and maybe some aren't. The on-line tailor has no way of knowing.

    What to do if the on-line made garment doesn't fit? First, don't just willy-nilly blame the on-line tailor. Rather, you should verify whether the tailor made the garment in accordance with your specifications. You should measure it and compare the results to the specifications you sent him. If the garment doesn't measure up, you should contact the on-line seller with proof of the discrepency and ask for a resolution.

    If the garment meets your specifications and it still doesn't fit, then there's lkely something wrong with your original measurements. In this instance, make adjustments to your measurements to correct the problem so that future orders will provide garments to your satisfaction.

    On the other hand, if iTailor made the garment according to your measurements, and they are accurate, but the garment still doesn't fit, then the problem could be caused by the adjustments iTailor makes. That is, iTailor, per its FAQ, adds 3-7 inches to the customer's chest, waist and hip measurements, depending on customer profile.

    If you determine the problem with the garment's fit lies with these iTailor adjustments, then you likely have little or no basis for complaint, unless he didn't make the adjustments as specified in his FAQ. Even so, In this instance, where these type adjustments are the problem, consult with the on-line seller to determine your options.

    In any case, if the garment doesn't fit perfectly, but it's still useable within reason, you can wear it as is and live with it. That's what I'm doing with the first blazer I bought by wearing it unbuttoned. I button it only when I have to.

    Moreover, if the garment only needs some minor alteration to make it satisfactory, take it to a local tailor for adjustment and be done with it. If the garment fits so poorly it can't be used or fixed , you can donate it to some worthy cause.

    Again, in situations where the measurements (yours or theirs) are the problem, you can always make adjustments to them to prevent reoccurrence of the issue with future orders. If necessary, consult with the on-line seller about which measurements to change. In the end, you can order another garment using the revised measurements to confirm the problem is fixed. That's what I did when I ordered the second blazer.

    In a less than satisfactory situation, don't simply dismiss the on-line experience out of hand. Oftentimes, a little understanding, ingenuity, and a little tweak here and there, can change an unsatisfactory experience to a satisfactory one.

    Your goal should be to fix problems. You should work with the on-line seller, not fight with him. I understand that some folks may find this hard to do. I've seen people use words like "fraud" and "ripoff," or worse, to describe these situations. Ouch!

    Remember, it's not necessarily simple fabricating custom made garments from a distance. Buying custom made garments on-line has advantages and disadvantages. I believe the key is getting the measurements right. This fact can be hard to do in some instances.

    I'd like to think my comments here are nothing more than just common sense. I'd like to hear others' reaction to my approach to handling the one ill fitting iTailor blazer. What would you have done?

    There must be others here who have had problems with custom made, on-line purchased garments not fitting properly. What did you do?

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      I've gotten quite a few shirts from them. The quality is OK, not as good as somewhere like Camica or Proper Cloth. They're probably about the same quality you'd get from the "Designer" brands at some place like Macy's. If you follow their measurement guidelines the fit has always been pretty good. Since I have a huge neck, I always have to get custom shirts made, and theirs are a pretty good value. My biggest complaints is that the fabric descriptors don't really tell you much. Also, you have to move to the more expensive customizer to get removable collar stays. Because of that, I only do button down collars on the cheaper models.

      I did buy a suit from them as well. It fit pretty good out of the box. I needed to take it in slightly at the waist, but that was all. And that probably was only because I chose the traditional fit vs the tailored fit. The material isn't great (70/30 Wool/Poly) but in low light it looks fine, and at the price I paid I can't complain.

      Though for nicer shirts, Camica is my favorite and I believe I'll be trying Dragon Inside for my next suit.


        I decided to order an overcoat from iTailor. I had good luck with my second blazer fitting properly, so I pulled the trigger on the overcoat. I send a separate email to them asking that they use the measurements they used to make the blazer as a gauge for making the overcoat fit over the top of the blazer. I know that getting this right from a distance can be tricky. Anyway, I figured that with the blazer to use as a pattern, they should get the overcoat to fit properly. When I get the overcoat, I'll post the results maybe with pictures if I can figure out how to insert an image here.

        Speaking of pictures, I'd insert a picture here of the overcoat I could copy from the iTailor website, but as best I can tell, I have to reference an URL rather than uploading an image from my computer. So, I'm not inserting a picture at this time. Anyway, one can customize the coat, including choosing from various fabric colors, selecting shoulder and sleeve epaulettes, pocket style, button color, etc.. The coat is a wool blend, likely meaning a 70/30 polyester/wool blend. The overcoat costs $209, delivered. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



          Here is a picture of the iTailor overcoat I copied from their website. This isn't an image of the actual coat I purchased. This post is only to give a general idea of what the overcoat looks like before any customizing:

          I'll post a picture of the actual coat when I receive it.



            As promised, here are the pictures of the actual overcoat. I'm impressed with the quality, not only of the fabric, but also of the workmanship. This is a great deal for $209, delivered. I can't tell that it's not all wool. It looks like a much, much more expensive garment. Have a look:

            images hosting

            The fit is right, too. Not too loose and not too tight. However, I likely shouldn't gain any weight. Ha!

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