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Need help building my shoe collection

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    Need help building my shoe collection

    Hey guys,

    I've been a sneaker guy for way too long, and i'm trying to transition out of wearing sneakers and boots everyday. Right now, my shoe collection consists of a couple pairs of sneakers, a pair of dressy black AE's, and some casual brown boots. I work in a really casual office where everyday can be jean day, and no one ever really wears a suit.

    I'm looking to add a couple pair of shoes to my collection, and need some help on what would be a good next purchase. Mostly looking for:

    - A good shoe (other than sneakers) to wear with shorts (maybe boat shoe/loafer)

    - A summer-friendly shoe that can look dressy but casual at the same time (thinking suede oxfords/desert boot).

    Any suggestions for two shoe styles that would help round out my collection?


    I love my navy chukkas.



      I'm considering a pair of these, they'd probably be a good match with shorts:



        I think you really need a dark brown blucher shoe based on your current line-up. Something like a Florsheim or AE longwing would be good and bring a level of versatility you're currently lacking shoe-wise.

        The other two shoe types I'd suggest are a wine/ox blood/burgundy penny loafer and a suede chukka boot (sleeker than a desert boot, but still leans casual) in taupe/sand/beige. The loafer comes down to what kind of silhouette you like and how prominent you want the top stitching to be. As for the chukka, I hate the bulbous toe of desert boots and feel like they lack the versatility of a chukka which is basically the same thing with a sleeker toe. Keep in mind that manufacturers have a tendency to use chukka and desert boot interchangeably.



          I second what TomasR said. A wingtip shoe will fit perfectly with anything from denim to dress pants.

          @TomasR what would you suggest for the loafers?



            Just as an idea for the longwing fans...I picked up a pair of Florsheim longwings for $75 at DSW over the weekend. They have them on clearance so availability is a little limited. I was able to fit into a pair that was a half-size small so I'm assuming they may run a bit large. I never checked the name on the box, but I think they're the Veblen:

            This is a picture I found online that looks EXACTLY like mine and it was labeled "Veblen". The pair I got is smooth, but not shiny. I don't know what the term would be to describe the finish. The going rate online is $160-170 so $75 after tax ain't too shabby.



              thmage, I'm a big fan of those. I've got the ones from LL Bean Signature, and love them. This summer will be the test. Probably wear them just about every day. Trying to keep shoe trees in them to keep away the funk.



                Suede bucks are a good pick. Taupe/tan go great with jeans, and almost any color can work with shorts (though go sockless or with loafer socks). The longwings Alan posted are great to dress up or down, as are wingtips in general (and look good in suede, too). I think the AE 2 for $200 sale just ended, there were plenty of good options there.




                  Personally, I like a loafer with less pronounced top stitching, tapered toe and a traditional vamp that covers the top of your foot well. In that vein, the AE Presidio is pretty nice.



                    Re: The Veblens, I ordered a pair from Endless for around $105 a few months ago on a sale. I'm normally a 9D in almost everything, but those Veblens definitely ran too long. I would also suggest going down a 1/2 size as Alan recommended.

                    The quality wasn't the best, but for $75 you can hardly go wrong.



                      Either a loafer or longwing like the Veblens for something that can be worn casually but also moderately dressed up.

                      Also, a boat shoe or moc would be a good addition. Look at LL bean, sperry, and sebago. I personally love my grey suede sperrys and wear them about 3x/week in the spring/summer

                      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                        Huge fan of my sebago docksides in brown oiled leather. Suede wingtips are nice too. We've all been discussing the Florsheim No String Wing, which sells for $75-80 depending on color and does, in fact, come with laces. Seems to have pretty positive reviews, with some concerns about the durability of the sole.



                          I'm wearing the Veblens today with a tieless suit. The president of the company went out of the way to compliment me on my look.




                            I have those Bean blucher mocs - they're nice. Very "woodsy."



                              nicholascrawford, those are sweet. I recently purchased a pair of blue sperry boats but,I don't have any chukkas. And for $30, I might just have to order them right now. I really like the blue ones too.

                              Wonder if I can find them at a local sears or something, I'd like to try them on and see how they look.