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    Wurkin Stiffs Alternative


    I'm not one to shy away from the occasional splurge. I own 3 (soon to be 5) pairs of Allen Edmonds, 5 custom shirts from Ratio, J.Crew Ludlow jackets, etc etc etc.

    I could not bring myself to pay $40 for 3 collar stays with magnets by Wurkin Stiffs. I don't understand how the manufacturer can even begin to attempt to justify that kind of markup.

    That being said, I wanted to try them out. I was on the verge of buying the Wurkin Stiffs before doing a little bit more research, and finally decided to make my own.

    I purchased the following:

    and searched ebay for "rare earth magnets"

    I received them today, after paying a total of $21 and could not be happier. Hopefully some of you will find that information useful.


    I don't understand how the manufacturer can even begin to attempt to justify that kind of markup.

    How? Because they're not selling rare earth magnets--they're selling trademarked "Power Buttons", hahaha...

    I've got the same collar stays from Amazon and use them with the same neodymium magnets from eBay. I will say that I prefer larger magnets over the smaller ones.



      I'll have to consider this. The Wurkin Stiffs cost is wholly unpalatable to me.



        im glad i came across this before purchasing wurkin stiffs



          I came across a single pair of Wurkin Stiffs at Nordstrom Rack for $15. At that price, it was low enough to just get them.

          As it turns out, I don't wear them all that often anyway.



            So with Wurkin Stiffs or this DIY system, the magnet is on the other side of the cloth, against your chest? What stops it from getting knocked away by, I don't know, your neck or collarbone during the regular day? I wouldn't want to be fishing around the inside of my shirt or my pants for a tiny magnet in the middle of the day...



              The magnetism is powerful enough to keep it from falling off during use. The only time you'll drop a magnet is when you're getting dressed. When you do, be careful to not drop them on a hard surface like tile or they'll chip (easily).



                the rare earth magnets are **stupid** strong. I placed one next to the box of stainless collar stays roughly 3.5 - 4" away and the thing zipped right over to the metal stays. They are not moving unless you intentionally lift your collar with the intent of popping them off.



                  Interesting... This might actually have to be something I look into now!



                    I went this route as well and it works those magnets are not moving. Would never pay for the wurkin stiffs.

                    Dress for style, live for results.



                      frost - It's very addicting! Once you start wearing them, you get accustomed to that precision control. =)



                        Man, I don't really think Wurkin Stiffs are all that expensive. I mean, is $40 kind of a lot for collar stays? Yeah, I suppose, but if you buy a pack of three with the intent of rotating them in and out of whatever dress shirt you're wearing for the day then it's essentially the cost of a fairly cheap dress shirt or a v-neck sweater to ensure that every single one of your dress shirt collars behaves itself. I think in terms of the value added, it's a good deal.

                        That said, if you can replicate on your own with more than three pairs for a fraction of the price, all the better. But I don't think the amount they charge for them is particularly objectionable.

                        P.S. Why is the Amazon page you linked listing those collar stays as unavailable? I'd totally buy a pack for that price!



                          Amazon is a little quirky about products and availability. But here:



                            Yeah, that's what I went with! That plus some magnets ended up coming to about $35 after shipping, which isn't much less than Wurkin Stiffs charges, but you're also getting four times the amount of stays. Since about half my shirts are oxford collar/sports shirts, 15 pairs of stays will probably cover just about every dress shirt I actually wear. It'll be nice not to have to continually swap out the "good ones".



                              Someone pipe up if you find a cheaper way to get the polo ones:

                              These ones you actually need a larger number, since they stick on with adhesive. I don't really wear polos, but they would be pretty useful for casual button-up shirts.