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How do you carry all the man-junk you carry?

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    with great difficulty. ba dum psh. easy joke aside, im basically parroting everyone else; phone, keys,and money in front pants pockets, card case in back pocket or, if theres room, front pocket. sunglasses in front blazer or shirt pocket, from v-neck (don’t like this much, stretches out the v), hooked on pants (don’t like this either, puts the shades at too much risk), or pushed back on my head when im lazy. I feel like we really havent needed to carry change since the early 60s, but that’s just me



      @RHStansbury Either have one of the numbers forward to the other or port one of them to Google Voice. I do the Google Voice route and it works great.

      I usually need to carry around a laptop, so I always have the extra space in the messenger bag/briefcase to carry around some junk just in case.



        I'll own up to actually having a bunch of junk in my pockets! I don't think it's extremely noticeable, but I do wish sometimes that I had some form of man-purse. Front left pocket is chapstick, small container of mints (the dissolving kind), and fingernail clippers, for hangnails and the like. Experience has left me with the view that all three are indispensable to me. Front right pocket is keys and a pen, and maybe earbuds, depending on where I'm going. Back left pocket is wallet and small Swiss army knife (it does too get used!). Back right pocket is smartphone.

        Man, smartphones. I was so happy to have no need to carry around a phone, iPod, and camera anymore. That alone was the biggest space saver in recent memory. If this knife had a fingernail clipper, I'd be in heaven.



          I try to minimize what I carry around, but I always have the same items on me whether I am out or at home:

          FL: iphone

          FR: slim card wallet, chapstick

          Keys carried on the Little Bonsai Clip, usually worn above my back right pocket.

          Looking for a small pocket/utility knife to add to my key ring, but need something slim and light.



            @ABL_in_MD I'd recommend the Victorinox Classic swiss army knife, I had one (took it off my keychain and lost it smh) but it has a small blade and its not too's a pretty handy tool to have



              Thank you for the replies, and I'm glad the junk part was entertaining.

              I see I'm not at all alone with having pockets of stuff, so I think it's either ok, unnoticeable in the pockets normally, or I'd just need to get a business bag of some sort.

              For context, I thought of this question based on a post somewhere about a flask that's 'slim enough to slip into a pocket,' and I thought, "How do these guys have room for this in their pockets?!"



                My wife carries my "man-junk" in her purse. I need to ask before using.

                As for everything else:

                Wallet w/jacket: inside chest pocket

                Wallet w/o jacket: rear-right pants pocket

                Money clip: front-right pants pocket

                Keys w/jacket: front-right jacket pocket

                Keys w/o jacket: hand

                Sunglasses: hand/"v" part of shirt/left in car

                Hankie: rear-left pants pocket

                Everything else: Man bag.



                  Found an interesting website related to this thread:




                    ABL_in_MD, thanks for the link.

                    I just ended up buying the Maratac Mid Pilot watch in the second picture from the top. As if I needed yet another watch. At least this one is relatively cheap.



                      My manservant Reginald carries all that I might require. However, I realize that this isn't an option for all of you.



                        What I carry depends somewhat on what I'm doing.

                        In my "normal" life I generally carry:

                        Front left pocket: Car key, house key, and a Fenix E05 flashlight attached to an S-biner

                        Front right pocket: Slim wallet (actually a leather card case), Burt's Bees chapstick, and Fisher Space Pen

                        Back right pocket: Benchmade knife

                        For my current summer job, I am in and out of jails, mental health facilities, and courtrooms every day, so the knife stays home. Sometimes I'll add a small moleskin notebook to the mix, and sometimes my cellphone. When I wear a blazer, I typically put my wallet on the inside left pocket.