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How do you carry all the man-junk you carry?

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    How do you carry all the man-junk you carry?

    How do you carry all the man-junk that we carry on a casual or even workday basis?

    For instance:




    card wallet/business cards


    leatherman/folding knife


    Let alone things that are a bit more specific-use or luxury:

    hip flask


    pen/moleskine (notepad)

    Should we load our pockets? Accept the butt tumor from the wallet? And the thigh tumors from the other junk? Specifically, this is a non-winter sort of question, since winter months see us in coats and jackets that don't show the extra bulk.

    I thought about emailing Joe this question, but though maybe this forum would work best.


    Pockets and messenger bag/briefcase.

    Keys stay in coat pocket; phone, coins, and wallet in front pant pockets; sunglasses on my head or tucked in my shirt pocket when top is buttoned/shirt V when unbottoned; knife, card case, tablet, water bottle, notebooks, pens/pencils in my messenger bag.



      Left front pocket : smartphone + earbuds.

      Right front pocket : slim wallet, keys, loose change

      That's about it.



        Yea I was gonna say, maybe don't carry all that junk?

        cut the coins and knife, they will rarely get used.

        pretty sure business cards can do in the wallet.

        and Sunglasses on head or in breast pocket.

        Phone, keys, wallet, each in one pocket. Then you even have a pocket to spare. I recommend a can of dip



          Sorry, I didn't mean I carry all of that stuff, I guess I've just recently become self-conscious of the tumor in my pockets breaking up the look of a decent pair of pants. I've slimmed up my wallet recently to a non-folding little job and starting slipping it in the front, but then it competes with keys and phone.



            Man junk is carried in my boxers. Other items in my pockets. Cell phone in FR, ID card (& wallet if I need it), tissue in FL.



              wallet right back, keys/randomness front right, phone front left.

              Glasses on v of shirt or shirt pocket, leave them in the car if im going inside.

              Looking for the right slim card case so i can minimize the wallet.



                @thmage Just the humor I was thinking.

                Hmmmm. Manjunk is not generally the term I use for things carried outside of my underwear....



                  @thmage draws first blood on the obvious joke waiting to happen here.

                  As for my personal items which are usually on my person when I'm not wearing a jacket, I typically only carry my slim wallet, iphone in my right and left back pockets, respectively, then have my apartment key (off the keychain in these cases; in NY so no car key) in a front pocket and usually have a handkerchief in the other. Sunglasses are typically over my eyes, hung from the first buttoned button on my shirt or haphazardly hanging from my neck (no croakies, just fold the sides in a bit and it works for most walking around). My slim wallet also has a few business cards in it, but I typically don't give those out unless I'm working (in which case, I have a jacket on)



                    Front right pocket - smartphone and swissarmy knife

                    front left pocket - credit card and drivers licence, keys, burts bees lip balm

                    sunglasses go in shirt collar, if wearing tie just hang them on one of my pants pockets.

                    If wearing a blazer the phone goes on the inside chest pocket, and sunglasses slid into the outside chest pocket with my pocket square

                    twitter: @adg_ca
                    instagram: @adg_ca



                      front right: phone, pen

                      front left: keys, chapstick

                      back left: wallet



                        For further reading:



                          I don't have assigned pockets. But I won't sit down with a wallet in my back pocket. Makes my leg go to sleep.



                            The title of this thread made me chuckle. Oh adulthood. I try to keep most things out of my pockets. If I have a bag, jacket or my locker I keep keys, wallet, and cell phone there.

                            FL: Chapstick, gum, pen

                            FR: phone, earplugs (job necessity)

                            BL: wallet

                            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                              Carrying two phones kills me, but I keep one in each front pocket to minimize the bulge, Smathers & Branson card case in the back right handles ID, business cards, debit card, etc. Keys normally end up in the back left for walking around.

                              If only I could get two phone lines and text messages from both to go to one iPhone, then I'd really be in business.