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Bought some AE Strands, Should I keep them? (Warning: EE width Images)

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    Bought some AE Strands, Should I keep them? (Warning: EE width Images)

    Hello all. I bought a pair of Strands from AE(First pair!!!) about a month ago, had them fitted, took a couple steps in store, then I brought them home and before the I wore them out I gave them a once over... The closer I looked, the more stuff I wasn't unsure about.

    Basically, I have some pictures and I was wondering if I can get some seasoned opinions on whether I should exchange these or start breaking them in?

    I know they're hand made, so I expected some things..

    Here's my list: Scuffs on back/serration sticking out/creases on toe/small gouge on sole/glue on sole.


    Mike, if you wear the shoes for more than a day they'll acquire more creases and small scuffs than that. I recommend that you use polish and then a layer of shoe cream if you want to minimize the amount of wear that accumulates.



      Don't worry. After you wear them, these scuffs and creases will soon be covered up and disguised by more scuffs and creases and you won't even notice these ones anymore. Problem solved

      However, if your plan was to place them inside a vacuum-sealed glass box on your mantle, then you should definitely send them back. :P

      In all seriousness, shoes are still shoes. You don't buy expensive shoes for their magic ability to not show any wear. You buy them because they can HANDLE the wear. As long as you take care of them, they will always look great.



        Looks like they need to be worn more. =D



          Wouldn't hurt to ask for a discount since they've been worn. But they look great



            They look great, now go make them worse !



              At most, they look like they've been tried on. You're golden.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                Agree with everybody else, wear them and enjoy them! The first time you step outside they'll get way more marked up than that. But if it's really bothering you and they're 10D I can take them from you...



                  gorgeous! Just need a good polish and ur a golden walnut



                    Perfectly fine. Wear them and stop overthinking it.

                    I have a few pairs of "first" McAllisters here and they all have little issues. Mostly some light distressing of leather on the sides and there's always some issues with the broguing on wingtips.



                      Yes, I would just wear them too. I have these same McAllisters, same color and they are the best shoes I have. I'm getting ready to send these to be re-conditioned and am shopping for my next pair of AE shows. They are surprisingly comfortable.



                        Thanks guys for the good words, gave me some confidence in them, and gave them a little workout today. I've been all around today, walking a lot, driving for a bit and now some sitting in a coffee shop. They're pretty wonderful, l shoot a WIWT pic when I get an appropriate mirror.

                        Thanks again guys really appreciate it.

                        Also, all this McAllister talk I'm thinking those might be my next pair... Right now it's between those and the Players. We'll see.




                          I'm late to the party here, but yeah... They look great! *thumbs up*