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Need help with bow tie for wedding!

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    Need help with bow tie for wedding!

    Hello gentlemen! My wedding is fast approaching, and I think I have decided to wear a bowtie. It is an early afternoon wedding at a winery, so it will be a more casual affair. Myself and my groomsmen will be wearing light gray suits. The groomsmen are going to wear black shoes/belt and a black knit tie. I am going to wear walnut strands or fifths (likely the fifths) and a walnut belt. Originally I was going to also wear a black knit tie, but I have been looking for an excuse to wear a bow tie, and I feel the black tie may be a tad boring for me. I am used to wearing colour, and I think the bow tie with some of our accent colour in it (tiffany blue) mmay be just what I am looking for!

    With that said, here are the bowties I have found that I like the most, with our colour in it:


    Tiebar 1: categoryPages%2FSilk%5FBow%5FTies%2Easp&pg=26&cate goryIds=51&optionValueIds=

    Tiebar 2: FcategoryPages%2FSilk%5FBow%5FTies%2Easp&pg=2&cate goryIds=51&optionValueIds=

    Penguin:,default,pd.html?dwvar_PG7T1704OP_color= 444&start=8&cgid=opgaaprltac&srule=best-matches

    The Starboard one is my favourite, but seeing as I am wearing a white shirt, I am a little worried the white from the tie may blend in too much. What are your thought on that tie over a white shirt?

    What are your thoughts in general? Should I stick to the knit tie? Should I go with the bow? If so, which one and why?

    Furthermore, I would absolutely love a tiffany blue/white gingham bowtie, but have been unable to find one. The only one I found was for kids If you happen to know where I could get one, I would be eternally greatful! Thanks ahead for your input!


    tdig had a post in WIWT last week with a bow tie that I really liked. I checked their website and found this blue gingham. (I don't know what tiffany blue is...)


    I'm really digging all of the ones on that site actually.

    If you're set on teal, why not this. It's got a nice texture.:



      Tiffany blue is the shade of teal present on all these ties (most prominant on the first one). I have checked that site, and like their ties a lot, however they dont have the colour I am looking for



        Hey Focus, I dug around Etsy real quick and may have found a couple things that are right up your alley. I've never ordered from Etsy, but I soon will with their selection.



          Hey Mike, thanks a lot! The last 2 are pretty much exactly the colour i was looking for. What do you guys think, should I go with the gingham or the starboard one I linked?



            I love that Starboard bow! That said, if you do order it, use the discount code BowsandBoats to save 20%.

            **Full disclosure, I am a small stakeholder in Starboard...




              Focus, Ryan pointed this thread out to me and I wanted to comment as well. As to your original post, if you're wearing the tie with a jacket, it will look fine with a white shirt. When I pick fabrics, I generally base my initial pics on whether or not it will work with a white shirt and whatever color blazer is seasonally appropriate. Essentially it will look good with a navy blazer regardless of the base colors.

              From there, I consider secondary suit colors, black, blue seersucker, tweed, etc..

              Obviously the tie isn't gingham, so that's a consideration if you were really more interested in a gingham tie. If that's the case, the etsy route may be the best way to go to get you what YOU want. It's your wedding and it only comes once (hopefully).

              If you have any further questions regarding any of our ties, feel free to shoot me an email or reply here and I'll do my best to answer them. Congratulations on your engagement!

              **Full Disclosure, I'm the other owner.



                Thanks for the reply! I do like the pattern on it a lot. My only concern would be whether or not it would blend into my shirt too much. I like the pattern on it more than a gingham. The gingham is very casual while I think yours has a little more elegance to it.

                Do you think it would work with a light gray suit? If you think so, I will likely go with yours. I just needed someone to varify that it will pop off a white shirt. I want it to be the focal piece of my attire that day, and just wanted to make sure it wouldnt get lost in my shirt. The more I look at it, the less I worry though.



                  My two cents I think the Starboard and the Gingham will equally pop/blend in. I like the gingham better personally but I think the Starboard is a better choice as it will flow better with your wife's dress.

                  Dress for style, live for results.



                    I missed the picture with the wife's dress. As far as concern with blending into the white w/ a light grey suit, I can't say that I've tried that combination. When I get home tonight I'll try to remember to get you a pic of the bow with a white shirt so you can see the contrast levels.



                      That would be much appreciated!



                        This is the bow on a pure white Brooks Brother's shirt, no flash under a daylight lamp with my DSLR. I didn't get home in time to get it in actual daylight, so I apologize. This is a very accurate photo however.



                          Ya that does stand out a lot more than I had expected. Just going to try to make sure I have the Mrs. approval haha. I really do like it. Hopefully she does also! Thanks a lot for your help!



                            Love the choice, was skeptical about the white on white but it looks like it might work is a great blend between classy details with causual and fun. Gingham ones look like a great next choice but might be overly casual. Another super flexible option would be to find a tie you love and ship it to be turned into a bow.




                              PS Ben and Ryan, welcome! Love hearing directly from shopowners/blog curators, makes for a great community of well dressed gentlemen.