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What item gives you the best ratio of Compliments:Cost?

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    Originally posted by idvsego View Post
    I have mixed feelings about the whole compliment thing. I find that usually my flashy or quirky things get compliments. I prefer when people say "you look nice" instead. I hate to say it but when a random person compliments a specific item I get a little turned off to that item. Now if it's someone who knows me well or a fellow watch nerd says "nice watch" that's different.
    I agree with this. The best compliment that I've received in recent years was from a co-worker who said that I always dressed nicely. She asked me where I shopped so that she could give her husband some gentle suggestions.

    The fact that she is nice, pretty and about 20 years younger than me didn't hurt, either. LOL.


      Saw this today on Dappered main page so thought I'd hop in. Shoes and watches are easy, but for me, it's always been ties. I almost exclusively thrift my ties and I only strive for rare/eye-catching materials and patterns...and I usually judge which ties are my best by what gets the most compliments, consistently. None of my ties are over the price of $5, and I used to trade ties with close friends which kept my collection fresh for no money at all.
      Oral B.


        I paid 10 dollars for this cardigan. Uniqlo. I get compliments on it all the time.


          I definitely receive more compliments from strangers on these shoes than any other item I wear.

          I got them 5+ years ago on Zappos. Don't remember the exact price, probably somewhere around $80.
          They're beat to hell at this point, but still very comfortable. I've been delaying finding a replacement for them for over a year.
          They were made by Circa, which I believe is a skate shoe brand, and no longer in production to my knowledge.

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            Originally posted by julius12 View Post
            ^^^ agree. I don't like having a certain item grab all the attention, and when non-stylish people say something looks nice it sometimes just means it's flashy.
            I use to think am the only one that sees it like this. Too slobs who' wives dress them, my casual look is considered "dressed up", and the same goes for women who only wear jeans everyday. The compliments usually make me roll my eyes (behind their back of course) lol


              I was going to stay out of this thread as I generally don't care about compliments to specific items for the same reasons others have stated here. That said, I realized I do get compliments on one thing that I don't mind, I don't think people say it because it's flashy and it's a great cost to compliment ratio, my haircut. I go to a barber shop that has been in business for many decades and while I have changed barbers a few times over the years due to retirements, there are still 3 very skilled barbers in the shop. The price was $9 in 1992 when I first started going there and it's still only $15 now and I tip $5 more because they're worth it and then some.


                I sometimes get compliments on clothing where people make sure to say that they "are not just saying this to make conversation." I want to say "so then what are we doing?" But, of course I always say "thank you so much," pause, and add "it sure has been unusually sunny lately" or some such thing.

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                  Given a lot of these posts, I feel that I should maybe clarify why I posted the thread the way I did.

                  I do agree that flashier or more unique items are more likely to get compliments than more subtle ones. A fine pair of shoes made of box calf on an elegant and refined last are probably going to get less comments and compliments than, say, a pair of bowling shoes made out of neon green tennis ball hide.

                  The main thing I was going for was about how you can have great items without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on an item. Using compliments means that it's an outside opinion, and avoids (generally) the possible preconception that an item is great just because it's pricey.

                  And also, it's going to be the more interesting stuff. Like wooden watches or whatever.


                    Originally posted by Domino View Post
                    The main thing I was going for was about how you can have great items without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on an item. Using compliments means that it's an outside opinion, and avoids (generally) the possible preconception that an item is great just because it's pricey.
                    Ah. That's a very different (and good) question. So perhaps, what is an item we really like (and/or get compliments on) given how much we paid for it?

                    All other things being equal (i.e., my affinity for the item), I think I like/value it more if it was cheap or I got it for a steal. Then I also have a default response when someone compliments me: "Thanks! It was on sale." By this metric I would have to say most of my blazers fall in this category. Given the infrequency with which I wear them and my budget at this point in my life, it just doesn't make sense to drop anything more than $100 on one. Sure, I like my J Crew chino blazer, and I do get compliments on it. But I like it all the more because each time I put it on, I remember it cost me a whopping $8.


                      I think it was the first watch I bought for myself when I started reading Dappered long ago. A quartz Seiko chronograph that was one of the alternative options for a Daniel Craig "Steal the Style" post on this site. I'm having trouble finding the exact watch, but it's the one pictured below but with red and white (I think) accents instead of yellow and a silver case. It's pretty much been relegated to my vacation beater watch (the faux rotating bezel kind of annoys me), but I've gotten more compliments/comments on it from random people than any of my other nicer watches.

                      Edit: Actually, upon second thought, socks or the blue shoelaces I use in my desert boots are the real answer.


                        For me it's the Dappered Standard Issue black Casio dive watch. Even "watch guys" say "hey what brand is that?" and they then look shocked when I tell them Casio. It really is outstanding for $40.


                          Wore this scarf today and got lot of stares...


                            As many people above mentioned, it's my experience that the flashy stuff gets the compliments, not the high quality.

                            So, my list:

                            1. Leopard print ascot that I tie in a four in hand when I wear a vest. I go to a lot of off-beat parties and this always , as in every time I wear it, gets a compliment. $12

                            2. Black shoes with white/tan/brownish snake skin vamps. Stacy Adams. $69 about 10 years ago.

                            3. Silver collar tips like those the main dude wears on The Preacher. About $30. I was wearing them once and some Rodeo Drive retail girl in her 20's thought my shirt was a Givenchy, as if the tips were built in. My wife gifted them to me.

                            4. Black with silver pinstripes velvet Calvin Klein sports coat I picked up at Macy's about 10 years ago for maybe $120. Women touch it and go all, "ooh, ahh, so soft."

                            All this stuff gets attention--and I can be an attention ho sometimes during the right social occasions, so I wear them.


                              My favorite compliment is when a guy asks 'oh hey man where did you get that'.

                              I get lots of compliments on my copper red wing iron rangers which I think I got for a good price, factory second from Sierra trading post for 200 bucks, not a mark on them.

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                                I thrifted a grey birdseye wool Penguin sportcoat for $8. Easily the best goodwill find I have made - it fits me just perfectly, and the fabric is quite nice. And it has a ridiculous bright blue lining that, annoyingly, gets complimented nearly every time I wear it.

                                Another one is my waxed cotton newsboy hat, that I really only wear when it's raining to keep my head dry. It doesn't necessarily get compliments, but it often gets noticed. I usually hear that I look like a paper boy, or that I'm lost in the wrong century, especially when I wear it with a trench coat.