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Anyone heard of West Louis?

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    I ordered a jacket (like an idiot) after a few cocktails on 10/27/2017 and as of today still have nothing. They provided me with a tracking number from China Post on 11/8/17 that has not updated or provided information as to the whereabouts of the item. I began a disputed through PayPal that I allowed to close because they assured me it was on the way. Fast forward a month, still no jacket. I’ve begun another dispute with PayPal to get my money back. This “company” is hiding behind a website that looks very professional and legitimate, but I would 100% call them a scam operation.

    I registered just to warn others not to tie up their money on this garbage.


      Just like the previous poster, I registered just to chime in on this topic: Place is a scam and then some.

      Here’s a key indicator for you: Their return policy states that items on sale are non refundable, but basically every item is “on sale”. Additionally, the policy is only good for 30 days after purchase, yet they openly say shipping times are 3-5 weeks (mine was just over 5, so when it arrived, I was already over the 30 days).

      Item quality was not great, but really, more than anything, they didn’t respond to a single message I sent and the fact that they’re making money by cheating people (and advertising all over Facebook as a legit company) is the thing that is most annoying.

      Gotta believe that karma comes around for these people, but in the meantime, take this as another warning to steer clear.


        This is a scam.
        They steal you and no one is able to stop them.
        Stay away!


          The same thing happened to me... The claim was NOT in my favor though.
          Stay away from that scammer