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    J Crew Essentials

    Hi all, as some of you may have seen, I'm working at J Crew this summer and thus have access to a rather lovely '50% off 5 items a month' discount. Using this, I'm looking to build my wardrobe up as much as possible. However, I still don't have a large amount of money. I'm going to buy a suit:

    (probably this one, but then apart from that I'm looking to stock up on basic essentials. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm leaning towards picking up some dress shirts (their XS size fits me perfectly), but I was wondering if there were any hidden gems that people know of that become excellent value when their price is halved. Cheers gents.


    Buy this:

    Mine is an absolute wardrobe essential.



      50%? Damn. I don't know how I'd find the time, but I'd be willing to work part time there for that kind of discount.



        Wow. Yes to what frost said. If you had more money I'd say to get a pair of Alden shoes... at 50% off you're going to get a ridiculous price (still mid-200s though). But if you're a college student, I'd say get some nice wool dress pants. Their bowery ones will be around $60 with the discount, and you're not going to get such nice wool pants for that price (you can find Lands End pants for sub-$50 at times but I'm willing to bet they're lower quality and the fit is worse). Nice wool pants will carry you through college and beyond (see: recent thread documenting my polyester regrets).



          Or you could buy us things.



            Yes, that.



              I would get this:

              If only I could justify spending $125 on a vest right now...



                Urban slim fit pants, unhemmed.



                  @frost, this may be just because I'm a freshman and don't wear blazers outside of events where I need to wear a suit, but what advantages does that hold over the suit jacket that I posted? I'm not denying that it holds advantages, I just don't actually know what those advantages are.

                  @LosRockets & nicholascrawford: are these the pants you're talking about? If so, what colour would you recommend?

                  Also, if anyone has any sweater/dress shirt/jeans/casual pants recommendations, please let me know!



                    this is what I meant to post in the first comment. It didn't work, for some reason.




                      A few things I would love to have:








                      Casual shirts:





                      Dress shirts :







                      I hope it inspires you.



                        Wow Jessy, thanks ever so much. I love some of the things you posted here, especially the chambray shirt.

                        Thoughts on these?




                          Seriously. I'd gladly pay a "finder's fee" as it were and cover shipping if you'd be willing to purchase items for me. I'm sure many other forum members feel the same way.

                          As for that 484 slim fit selvedge you posted, you're better off going the Uniqlo route for some raw denim. Even with your discount, Uniqlo would be cheaper and their slim straight cut is a way safer choice than 484 slim fit. Even with post-purchase stretching, a 484 cut in raw denim is going to be brutal to wear for a while.



                            I'll have to check to see if there's a limit to how much I can buy, but if not then I'll gladly take some requests. Does Uniqlo sell them online? I'm fairly skinny, so the 484 slim fits normally fit really well (I've tried the non-raw selvedge ones on).



                              Wardrobe essentials for what though. Strict business, business casual, trendy casual etc.

                              If it's along the casual business line,

                              Wool pants:Navy, Grey, Tan, Charcol should all be safe.

                              Nice shoes: Alden etc. Leather sole welted, can have them rebuilt etc.

                              Dress shirts:Whites and Blues are staples for old man club, can try Mauve/light purple, light pinks, black, grey.


                              Strict business:Suits, fitted. Charcol, Navy, Grey in that order, Try and get second sets of matching pants.

                              More casual trendy:

                              Nice shoes still

                              Long sleeve and short sleeve polos