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Florsheim No String Wing

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    Florsheim No String Wing

    I have no experience with this brand or even this style of shoe, but these look pretty nice to me (I would wear them with laces, though):

    Does the taupe suede work with gray pants, and/or what else would they work with? Right now I have a mostly empty hole in my wardrobe between the clothes I currently wear as a grad student and my one suit, and there's a similar gap in my shoe collection (everyday desert boots to shiny black cap toes) that I'm trying to fill. Does anyone own a pair of these or have any other suggestions for similar shoes? Or just give me a yea or nay style-wise, since I'm relatively inexperienced at shoe shopping.


    Florsheim makes decent shoes. I personally like them, especially the navy. I think truly could work in a lot of casual contexts like suede bucks.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      I just ordered a pair myself. Can be easily paired with chinos, jeans and cords. Should also be nice to even wear sockless. Should have these delivered tomorrow. I got the grey color. I needed something like bucks for Spring/Summer/Fall. I plan on wearing with laces too (which I was told, are included).



        I'm not really a fan of the no-lace look.



          They do come w/ laces. I'm thinking of getting a pair in grey myself. Kind of splurging on shoes, but that's for a different thread.



            Yes, they do come with laces. They gray version looks pretty sharp!




              $20 cheaper, but only 3 colors, but but the colors include navy.



                You can use code: NEXT20 directly on to get the $20 off.



                  @weathernut123 Was going to post the exact same thing.

                  Just buy them on the website with the lowest shipping.



                    Shoebuy also has the gray for 99.99. Click Me, 20% off if you use this link. Not a referral link.

                    Expires on May 14th I believe. Free shipping both ways.

                    Edit: For the DSW ones, use code 483372802005. 20$ off of 49$. Possibly a one time use code.



                      Damnit. I recently bought the Bostonian Eastbend in olive to fill the hole of suede bucks... But to be honest, I love the look of these. Anyone have experience with the eastbends? I almost want to order these and see if I like them more in person. And then, not sure whether white or grey is the best bet...



                        I bought a pair of these in brown, last weekend. I wanted a pair of inexpensive brown brogues to wear in muddy/rainy situations. Rubber soled, and cheap enough that it wouldn't break my heart if they suffered some salt damage or the like.

                        The good:

                        The fit is great. The tongue and heel are tight enough that I need to work carefully with the shoehorn, but they feel like sneakers once they're on. The soles are feather-light, so the whole shoe is a pleasure to wear. Light, comfortable, and after a little neats foot oil and wearing them around the house for an evening, they feel thoroughly broken in.

                        They look pretty good as long as you don't look too closely.

                        They're not very expensive.

                        The bad:

                        The tongue has a weird slip-on style elastic (side effect of the "no string" gimmick) which makes it harder to put the shoes on, harder to lace, and harder to get polish or conditioner on the tongue.

                        The broguing is somewhat sloppy. Incomplete punching, irregularities on the edge, nothing you'd notice unless you were looking.

                        The sole is so lightweight that it will probably wear out quickly.

                        The ugly:

                        They look ridiculous without laces. The simple solution: lace 'em up. Doesn't affect the fit.

                        They're only $79.95 at DSW (limited color selection). I may get another pair of them, in navy. Elvis will be singing about me. Thank you. Thank you very much.



                          Hmm. I'm liking the grays too. Seems like it would be a nice alternative to black shoes on a dark charcoal suit. I don't need to buy them though.



                            Mine came on Friday, but I'm going to have to exchange them for a size down. I'm about a 13 1/2, so I never know whether to go with a 13 or 14 unless there's a clear consensus in the product reviews about how the sizes run, and this time I just got it wrong.

                            I agree with Cause Moe's review, though. I think they look great (with laces), but I wonder how the lightweight sole will hold up.



                              Other than dark denim, what else could you wear the grey suedes with?