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Is this light blue suit too...much?

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    Is this light blue suit too...much?

    Hi all, I've been a lurker for a while, but this is my first post. Since this is my first I just want to start out by saying that members here seem to be courteous and knowledgeable (if only all forums/comment sections were like this, right?). I was wondering what you all thought about this suit. It's kind of a light blue color with stripes if you look closely, and it's a 3 piece. I'm interested in wearing it as a summer subsitute for seersucker, but I was also wondering if you all thought it would be a bit much for work. Some context: I usually wear a jacket and tie, sometimes wear a suit, brighter colors in the spring and summer are welcome. Thanks for your input!

    Front view:$(KGrHqNHJCME9ubOoDP0BPmhrSL5Ng~~60_57.JPG

    Close up:$(KGrHqZHJBgE-QSFYkJyBPmhrkl2(Q~~60_57.JPG



    Love it! Definitely not too much for work either.



      I say no way, that's an awesome color for a suit imo especially for summer...I don't think that'd be out of place at your job and would be good for a wedding too



        This is fantastic. I say go for it.

        Dress for style, live for results.



          Looks really great. Wonderful summer suit.



            Nice. Could forgo the vest on a lot of days or wear it if it's your look.



              Alright, I'm sold. Thanks much for the feedback!



                I might forgo the vest, simply because my personal preference is to keep the 3 piece for things like charcoal power suits. Also it might get awfully warm, with that extra layer. Thats all personal preference, though. Otherwise I say go for it.



                  You could also go pure vest and skip the jacket sometimes.

                  But I think that looks like a really nice suit, I would love to have it myself.



                    Well, it's bought. It's vintage so hopefully it's all in good condition (slash doesn't smell funny).

                    Thanks again for all you guys' input, my GF was skeptical *LOL* (and now comes the fear). Maybe I'll post some pics after I get it to the tailor.



                      Looks awesome!

                      Did anyone else find the pant-less, flesh-toned manikin slightly...alarming?



                        Pants are soooo 2011.

                        Get with the times, Deke!



                          Dear Deke,

                          I thought I was looking at jockey pants at first. Must be the Derby is on my mind!