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    Did anyone look at the Q&A for MH00024? BB's customer service is horribly inaccurate -- they say these shoes are Alden. They are clearly AE Fifth Aves and even AE will tell you so.

    They've done this before with some on-sale Peals that they claimed were C&J, when they were Loake in actuality.



      I know I keep saying one last question, but what do you all think about: 522&Product_Id=1605111&Sub_Product_Id=1605115&defa ult_color=Light-brown

      It would come out to about $240 with the F&F discount.



        That's a nice looking shoe, I'm not sure which AE model it corresponds to. I think the casualness of the contrast color stitching clashes a bit with the formalness of the oxford style, but I'd still wear it. I wouldn't call it a versatile dress shoe though.



          amathew, that's the Elgin.

          It's a balmoral, but it isn't a dress shoe. The color's too light for navy slacks, it looks off with charcoal slacks, and it's too formal for jeans. Khaki chinos are really your only route with those shoes.



            Thanks for the help folks.

            I ended up going with the 2 for $200 deal through AE.

            Plus, after work I'm going to hit up Brooks Brothers for the Perforated Captoe. I figure that I should at least have one nice shoe in my wardrobe....even though I work at a start-up where everyone wears jeans and is super casual.