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    So after some searching, I've thinking about buying 1 of the following shoes for now:

    (25% sale at BB starts on Thurs, so will cost a little less)

    Anyone have suggestions on the avoce?

    I really don't feel like spending more than 300 I guess. I've spent way too much money on clothes and got to take a break.



      The BB's look nice. Not my favorite AE.

      These are a little more intense:

      The classics:

      The 5th Ave is the dressiest. The others are dressy, for sure, but more casual do the their style.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        @Anathew - the AE Strand is identical to that BB shoe yo posted but can be regularly found for $200-$230. I'd suggest that for saving money.

        I also dislike that 2nd AE you posted.



          Wow. I meant to say "due to their style." Maybe I should avoid posting while tired.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano




            AE makes that BB shoe and given that it's on sale for around $250ish during their sale, I'm going to jump on that.

            A quick google search and found the AE Strand for 295:




              You could buy some AEs for around 200 in the nordstrom sale.. I suppose there'd one coming up soon (it was in June last year IIRC)



                To clarify, as amathew mentioned, that BB shoe is an AE Strand, with the differnces being a built-in Topy, dovetail heel, and poron footbed.

                BB also sells rebranded Fifth Ave, McTavish and Elgin from AE. Possibly others. The 25% FF sale has already started, fyi.



                  There's a guy on StyleForum who has some sort of hook-up that allows him to sell most any AE shoe for $100 or so off retail. That's first quality by the way. His username is "allaboutshoes" and I've yet to hear any negative feedback from the dozens of forum members who have made purchases through him.

                  If you'd like to avoid the "fell off the truck" special, I'd recommend Charles Tyrwhitt shoes. They're all rebranded Loake shoes and are goodyear welted, full grain leather for less than $250 in most cases. Even the Die, Workwear! blogger likes Loake shoes and he's the kind of dude who is uber-skeptical of any shoes that cost less than $500.




                    Nordstrom anniversary sale is in mid-July. Should be good.



                      One final question:

                      How would you compare these two BB shoes:

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             522&Product_Id=1518196&Sub_Product_Id=1518312&defa ult_color=Walnut

                      Planning on going to BB after work today to look at some shoes.



                        One more question:

                        Yesterday, I had contacted the AE outlet and wanted to place an order for the 2x$100 deal. However, they just got back to me.

                        So would you suggest I do which of the following:

                        1. Get 1 BB shoe

                        2. Get 2 seconded AE shoes.

                        I don't like the notion of getting defective stuff, but it is a good deal and I could probably pay a cobbler to fix any issues with the shoes.



                          You're probably better off with two seconds if you think you can deal with any potential defects.

                          That second pair you linked is the AE Fifth Ave.

                          If you do buy from BB, be sure to go through The rebate for BB is up to 7% right now, which is the highest I've ever seen it. Just make sure you use the 25% off FF code from mrrebates, which is slightly different than the one posted on SF.



                            @amathew Between these two BB, get the second one.



                              amathew, when people say that Allen Edmonds will last them a good 5-10 years they are taking into account the fact that the soles and heel will not last that long. Resoling and putting on a new heel are part of the maintenance of good shoes. In your case you will probably have to put on a new heel more often, but that's easy and inexpensive.

                              I have both the MH00025 and MH00024 shoes that you posted from Brooks Brothers. Both are excellent choices. The split toe is hideous, and I would advise avoiding it.



                                @bruschetta Ok, that makes sense. I thought when people talked about shoes that lasted for 5+ years, it literally just lasted even after numerous wears. Good to learn that it also require possible alterations. Thanks for the clarification.

                                I placed an order for the 2x$200 deal through AE outlets.

                                I'm still tempted to hit up BB for MH00024. $500 in one day...I feel light headed.