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    Bespoke Post

    I thought we had a thread on this, but I think I'm confusing it with Style Girlfriend's post.

    I got the April box - Salt. Wow. Total #winning moment in my household when I rolled out the salt-cured sushi-grade salmon served on a block of Himalayan salt.

    Now I'm checking out the website to use the $25 gift card, and it says there's a $65 minimum order. Now I'm wondering whether it's even worth using the card. The wife wants filets, but I don't think she had $75 for 4 8oz filets in mind.

    For May, I'm passing on the Shave box because I have a beard. Birchbox did this too...what am I gonna do with shaving cream, guys?

    I'll keep watching to see what's after this.


    Being totally honest here....

    It sounds like ideas like this are ways to get you to PAY for coupons and items that force you to spend more money somewhere.

    It's kinda like Frank and Oak. They talk about everything being under $50. The blazers are a good deal, but they are the only item that is a good deal and they make them in VERY small quantities on purpose to limit the low margins/losses. They do it on purpose to get people interested thinking everything is a great deal and to get people signed up for the hunt club. In reality everything else is over priced. On top of that, anyone who is part of the hunt club can't get first dibs on the blazers like they can for anything else.