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What is the more versatile color Alden Indy boot?

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    What is the more versatile color Alden Indy boot?

    I think I am going to take the plunge this year and pick up a pair of Alden Indy boots. I just cannot decide on the color. I am debating between the Natural CXL (405), or Brown CXL (403).

    These are going to be worn with jeans, chinos, and cords. I usually stick to blue, burgundy/maroon, and brownish tones for my sweaters/tops.

    I currently have a pair of walnut Daltons, brown CXL 1000 Miles, and snuff suede Loake Kemptons.

    I am thinking of going with the Natural CXL as it would fit nice into my rotation, but I just love the look of the brown CXL Indy. That is the color that really drew me towards the Indy. I am just afraid they are going to be too similar in color to my Wolverines.

    What do you guys think would be more versatile?

    I actually own both and don't even feel like this answer is close. In my opinion it is the 403 hands down.
    I do like the variety the 405 offers, but I feel like the true brown of the 403 is perfect for your jeans and chinos.

    If I'm honest with myself- the 405 is a little too "red" to my eye. That's a horrible way to put it, but sometimes I question if it looks right, whereas the 403 is never in question.

    I understand your concern of similarities with the 1k. I don't own the 1k so can't completely give an opinion. However the obvious white stitching around the toe will provide some very nice distinction.

    Can't say enough about the construction of these guys though. You won't be sorry with the purchase here. I own two other pairs of AE casual boots, as well as a pair of dress boots from AE. But the indy's stand out in construction and comfort.


      Thanks for the input Jmeyers.

      I think I need to clarify, though. I am referencing the 40557H (Natural CXL), not the 405 JCrew Indy. I am guessig based on your description of the 405 being too red, I have a feeling you are talking about the JCrew.

      With that being said, I think your point about the contrast stitching on the 403 will help differentiate it between the Wolverine, despite the similarity in color.



        I Found what you're referring to. I don't own the J Crew versions. I own the straight from Alden versions. A quick breeze through shoemart revealed to me what you're talking about. I honestly didn't know the naturals were 405's.

        I am almost always annoyed that Jcrew flubbed the numbers up and has the darker brown listed as 405's.

        To be clear
        I own 403 brown cxl
        And 405 "brown"

        My update to your answer is stil 403.

        But crap- now I want the natural 405. Thanks for nothing Brian. Lol


          Went with the 403. It was the one I initially wanted. Although maybe next year if I am lucky I will be able to get the Natural CXL.


            Good choice Brian. I wear my 403's regularly and my 405's sparingly. Because of this thread I just broke out my 405's and wore them to church. I was reminded that:

            1. They are beasts.
            2. The calfskin brown leather is much less pliable at this stage compared to the CXL.
            3. I need to wear them more to fully break them in.
            4. I love the soles they put on these things.
            5. My right heel squeaks.