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Black & White Gingham Dress Shirt

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    Black & White Gingham Dress Shirt

    Hello all. My first post here. Yesterday, I found a Ralph Lauren Black & White Gingham Custom Fit dress shirt (spread collar) for $35. The pattern is small to medium in size. Couple of questions:

    1. Is that a good price for that shirt?

    2. How many collaborations do you think I could get out of this shirt?

    3. What are those collaborations in mind? Casual, work, whatever.

    I have other gingham dress shirts (pink/white and red/white) but no black/white? I'm on the fence, so any help would be appreciated.

    FYI: Though this is a Calibrate shirt, this is the pretty much the size of the pattern.


    1. Depends. Is it Polo RL or Lauren by RL? If Lauren by RL then it's ok, but if it's Polo then buy the shirt now!!!

    2. A lot. I have a black and white gingham spread collar from Brooks Brothers and wear it all the time. Even though it's patterned the coloring is neutral, which makes it match with almost anything.

    3. With a khaki blazer and jeans, colored knit tie w/silver tie bar. With khaki pants and a navy blazer, same tie setup. I usually wear mine with white jeans and my Bass Dovers. I can pair this with a navy blazer or a thicker cardigan (gray, navy or black) if it gets chilly out.

    Hope this helps.



      Cool! Thanks for your responses.

      1. It's a Polo RL so I think I may need to get this ASAP before it goes!! I did some research and found that the same shirt retails for $125.00!

      2. Funny because I never thought of it as neutral because of the extreme contrast.

      3. I like those collabos. Good thing is I have pretty much all of the pieces. I found that a quality tan belt and dark denim would go with it as well.

      Thanks again.



        I had the same concern as to how much use my black and white gingham would get when I first got it, as well. However, I wear it all the time. The more you wear it, the more you will realize its versatility. It will pair well with most any merino v-neck. My favorite is with a somewhat bright green one.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          As long as you don't go pattern crazy you should be fine wearing it with almost any color pant/blazer/jacket/cardigan.



            greg_s, I was thinking the same thing too. I have a green merino v-neck as well. I also have this vibrant purple v-neck that I think would go with it. Albert, I agreed. I tend to have 1 (only 1) piece that "pops" per outfit. I am a "less is more" kinda guy.

            Thanks again, fellas. *Walking out the door to go and purchase*



              Fellas, just returned from the store and, unfortunately, it was already purchased. Guess it wasn't meant to be. Thanks though for all of your help. Stay close because I am pretty sure that I will have future questions.



                Shameless bump but I ended up scoring a Calibrate Trim Fit Black and White Gingham Shirt for 30 bucks at Nordstrom Rack. I originally was looking for a navy gingham, but the deal was too good to pass up. Now I'm trying to figure out, would it be bad to wear with my walnut strands and belt along with dark blue jeans like I intended for the navy gingham? Is the walnut and black/white combo inappropriate?

                Any other suggestions for pairings?



                  I think it should be ok but IMO Gray Pant/ Walnut shoes combo goes better with black/white gingham.



                    That's a shame. It was a very decent price for a Polo RL!



                      @bethy, my thoughts exactly.



                        If anyone's still looking, Nordstrom has one of their 1901 shirts in large gingham for sale for $39. Comes in black, light blue and navy.



                          @BJ, thanks. Would actually purchase all 3 colorways.



                            Me too. Already have ones in black and light blue, and I'm really tempted by the navy. I'm a sucker for gingham.