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    Webster at Target

    The Shops at Target seems to be a really cool idea. Giving smaller, boutique stule stores an opportunity to spread their brand, while making them items more affordable. I haven't add the chance to hit up my Target yet, but I did browse through the online selection. While the options are limited, I plan on trying out the white chinos, the long sleeve striped tee, and the Mango Polo. I would like to see more collabrations in the future.

    Anybody else interested in the Webster products?


    They just launched today, going to check out the blazer and the polo shirts. Presumably the collection is at least decently slim if it's anything like Merona.



      Been looking forward to this! I like the concept of The Look, even if I don't care for these opening ones.



        Just tried it all out and bought the white pants and mango polo. The polo and the pants both have nice trim fits and look great. The polo's collar is a little big but not terrible.

        The blazer on the other hand is a high button stanced, large lapeled, boxy failure. I was disappointed because I liked the material and functioning cuffs, but the cut is huge and if you thought that uniqlo blazer button stances were high, you ain't seen nothin yet. Such a shame.

        Everything is very light weight which is great for me and the Atlanta summers I sweat through.



          That's disappointing to hear, bere09. I really like the look of the blazer in the pics. It looks young and hip without being weird. I might try it out anyway in a small size and see how it is.

          The aqua shorts look pretty fun as well.



            I actually thought the blazer was pretty well-fitted (tried on the small, which is my usual size). But yeah, the stance was really high, and the sleeves were really long, which is problematic with the functional cuffs. And the overall length was a bit short, as is the trend these days. Plus it had a bit of a wrinkled, bunched look... no drape to it at all.

            I bought the shorts in red and blue (excuse me... mango and aqua) since they fit pretty well, and I've only got 2 pairs of shorts that fit me at the moment. I also bought the white-and-navy striped top, though I might end up returning it. They had some swim trunks that looked pretty good as well.




              I tried on the blazer, i thought it fit really well. And I like that the length is shorter but yeah, the buttons were a little high. I didn't buy it but I still might get it at some point, especially if it goes on sale.



                The buttons seem unbelievably high. I just looked at it and decided not to try it on. The stuff generally seemed pretty nice. I could see myself picking up the shorts.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Heh, we ALL went to Target today!

                  The blazer's body just needed to be stretched. On the small, the sleeves were perfect for me, fortunately because of the functional cuffs. I liked the contrast striped lining there and the brass buttons. The high stance and the short body length made it look like I was wearing a kid's jacket with long sleeves. Body fit well and probably benefited from the double vents. Close but no cigar.



                    I went and picked up the Aqua polo. Fairly slim fit, but slightly too long. Still a nice addition to my polos. I loved the white Chinos but they only had 30X30, no 30X32. Sadly I checked online and it is the same thing. A really nice slim, but not skinny fit around the thighs.

                    I echo the other comments on the blazer. I didn't it on. I loved the look and fabric, but the high button stance and the unusual lapel roll were turnoffs.



                      For anyone curious, the white pants in a 33x30 have a 8 3/8" leg opening.

                      I need to go back tomorrow so if anyone wants, I can measure the other pairs they have.



                        I'm glad I'm not the only one that found the blazer slightly off-putting! I loved the contrast detailing, but it just didn't fit as well as I'd hoped. And my god, the buttons were way too high.

                        I did get the light blue striped button-down, and the mango shorts, though! I also nabbed the tan/print fedora just to say I got something in one of the prints. I ended up sticking a gold-tone vintage anchor pin on the side to give it a little detail.

                        Did anyone like the belts? I was a little disappointed when I saw them in person, personally.



                          I just don't like the style of the blazer. It's got a nautical/child's blazer feel to it. Awkward button stance. I know this is the style now, but there is no construction to the blazer and it just seemed frumpy and wrinkled on the hanger. Like you'd have to have size down with a nice frame for it to look decent. Didn't like the material either. Also seemed poorly made.

                          Polo felt pretty nice. I liked the retro look. However, the collar was way to big and I wasn't super fond of the logo.

                          Tried on a few of the button ups. They were ok. One of them didn't cut a button hole, so I don't have great hopes about their construction.

                          Meant to try on the swim shorts because I like the shorter retro style, but I forgot. Will have to do it next time. If anyone tried those on or purchased them let me know.



                            Leg openings are as follows:

                            30/30 8"

                            32/32 8 1/4"

                            33/30 8 3/8"

                            34/30 8 1/2"

                            34/32 8 1/2"

                            34/34 8 1/2"

                            36/30 8 3/4"

                            36/32 8 3/4"

                            38/30 9"

                            For every waist size the leg opening is 1/8" wider.



                              For the handful of folks who haven't made it to Target since yesterday.

                              The blazer:

                              This is a Small. I'm 6'1" and 145 lbs. It's unfortunate because if the body were just stretched 6 inches longer, bringing the buttons down in the process, it would be a great blazer! I love the nautical look, the brass buttons, the fit in the shoulders, chest, and sleeves. The hips/skirt would drape better with the vents cut open, of course, but it's unwearable as is.

                              I bought this combo and am very happy with it. I sized down to a Small and still found the sleeves and body long enough. The shorts I sized down to a 30 and found they fit perfectly. I'm normally in a 31-32, so their vanity sizing is clearly on a runaway train.