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Chelsea Insight - Suggestions?

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    Chelsea Insight - Suggestions?

    New to the forum, been a Dappered reader for years - site felt like home from day 1.

    I am hunting for a brown Chelsea, but I'm picky in that my tastes are simple/classic - also I don't prefer suede or wingtips. The AE Liverpool is the the closest match to my ideal Chelsea, however they fit me oddly and I need EEE (I don't wear wide in other shoes) - and I think they look too short/wide when I wear them.

    I will pay for quality - ideally under $350 but I would go higher for the right ones.

    I've turned over most J&M and CH rocks and haven't found what I'm looking for. Oak Street doesn't make a Chelsea that I can find. I know there are brands I am missing but I feel I've hit the wall.

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Carmina makes a nice Chelsea boot, retail is above your budget but if you're willing to go eBay, grailed, styleforum B&S you can probably pick it up for under $400 new.

    Crockett and Jones also has a bunch of Chelsea boot options, the below goes for just under $400
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      Not a pair that I have, but I like Jack Erwin shoes. Wire a pair of their Oxford today.

      These also look sharp, both well under your price point.




          I stopped into the new RM Williams store here today and was impressed with their boots. Wide variety of leather and heel options, welted construction and 3 different lasts.

          Price point was about $495, which is far outside my current budget, but they looked great.
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