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    Dappered-approved workout gear

    I am looking for more stuff to work out in. I have some shorts, etc but I need more. I am mostly looking for decent products at Dappered-level pricing.

    Also, if anyone has good suggestions for lifting shoes, that would be great.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


    I'd personally look at Target, but I'm personally not very picky about workout clothes.



      greg_s, we need more information before we answer your question.

      Are you married? If so, exercise in anything. Your wife will just be glad that you're keeping up your appearance.

      If you're single, will you be exercising around potential dating opportunities? If so, step your game up and buy a couple of nice technical shirts. If you're exercising with people who you have no need to attract, why bother dressing nicely?



        Ha. I genuinely dont care how I look at the gym. I would just like more shorts that are cheap but not crap.

        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



          Either old t-shirts or anything like Nike Dri-Fit or Champion, great for wicking sweat. Round it out with some dark gym shorts. Marshall's or TJ Maxx are good places for workout gear.



            Might help:



              Champion basketball shorts are my favorite. Moisture wicking is definitely a plus. Found a pair at old navy once, they're definitely serviceable but I like Champion's basketball ones because they're long and don't cling to the thighs. Its bad but I just wear running shoes while lifting (even deadlifts) though I've heard something like chuck taylors/other flat shoes are ideal for power-lifting.



                I used to be we anti lulu lemon, but they have charchol grey T shirts, fit well and they have the 3 lines just off the shoulder. I actually love the shirt my GF got me for Xmas and will wash it rather than get a plain cotton T.

                Before that it was tshirts/sport dry crap, with pricey "sweat" pants/marks guys yoga pants which you can't buy anymore I liked because they were not tight!

                And hard soled shoes, I'm not going to get into it, for anyone else reading this because OP is smart and getting proper shoes. If you have anything with big "shock" heels/gel etc you're causing more harm than good if you run or squat.

                These interest me big time:


                along with the five finger or adidas "foot condom" type shoes where you have all of your toes available to grip etc




                  w.r.t. weight lifting shoes, the ASICS wrestling shoes or some of the Adidas classics do just fine. They can be had for about $50-70 and do the job..

                  For weight lifting, the soles need to have a good grip & non-compressible + flat. Even Vans & Chuck taylors will do a good job. Running shoes with cushioning are a no-no since the cushioning might cause balance issues.

                  Vibrams would be nice as well I suppose but they could be $$$ and I feel they look too dorky..

                  w.r.t. tees, I picked up quite a few of nike dri-fit tees during one of their clearance sales for around 10-15 each. They dry fast and don't smell until laundry day if you air them out for an hour or so



                    I can't really help you with lifting shoes but for clothing anything that is moisture wicking, as others have mentioned, is good. In my experience, Nike Dri Fit makes the most comfortable moisture wicking clothes. The C9 line of clothes at Target is actually pretty decent too. Check out for some good prices on workout shirts.



                      For the weightlifting shoe conundrum go check out

                      Vibrams are a good alternative to a real lifting shoe but be careful of the more "trail" style models like the Trek that have the knobbed grip - they can be uncomfortable on the bottom of the foot after awhile.

                      And LOL @ bruschetta - Good points!



                        I generally wear a henley or t-shirt from target as a shirt. Some of Target's athletic gear is pretty good, actually. It is cheaper, more functional, and better fitting than the stuff from TJ Maxx, Old Navy, and Footlocker (IMO).

                        I have some lightweight stretchy polyester pants from there that I wear multiple times a week to work out in ($8 on clearance). They are trim-fitting, but stretchy enough that I am not restricted in weight lifting or even a yoga class (and I am rather stretchy myself, so that says a lot). I also have 2 pairs of shorts from Target in the same material that I like a lot, but shorts are harder to goof up.



                          I've got a question for you guys... I like the performance/moisture wicking shirts, but everyone I find in the store, the sleeves are long like they come to my elbows and it chafes when I run since i bend my arms 90 degrees, Are there any of these shirts you've found that have shorter sleeve lengths, like a regular cotton tshirt, that hits mid bicep?

                          I've had a little success with Puma shirts but they are hard to come by and go for close to $50.

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                            I'll second (or third) the Nike Dri-Fit shirts. I also like some of my Underarmour shirts (and wear their shorts often), but the Nike are more cost effective and usually the logos are subdued (a Nike swoosh in the same color as the shirt itself). Generally, I'd go for whatever you feel the most comfortable in, whether married, single, etc. The worst thing you can do is feel uncomfortable in your gym clothes to the point you'll feel out of place / awkward, or maybe even not go or not wear them as much.



                              @pratyk interesting comment about compressible soles and weightlifting...I always wear typical athletic shoes at the gym, and after starting to do squats regularly over the winter I developed some serious tightness (maybe tendonitis) in my upper right leg. I doubt I had so much weight that my shoes were a factor, but who knows?

                              In any case, I think workout clothes should just be functional and comfortable. That Effortless Gent post seems a bit over the top, but then again my gym isn't particularly social so I'm not worried about attracting women when I'm there. I just stick to moisture-wicking t-shirts and shorts, almost all are Champion brand from Target, durable and cheap.