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"Back to the Futurists" Ball (Semi-Formal, Semi-Futurist)

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    "Back to the Futurists" Ball (Semi-Formal, Semi-Futurist)

    I'm going to a beaux arts ball with a futurist theme. I am an architecture student, and this will be a school of architecture event at my school. So, there will be professors there, and I want to look presentable. The dress is Semi-Formal, Semi-Futurist (get creative). Any thoughts? I have a shinier material grey (medium to light in color) blazer that I'd like to work in, but I dont know about other components.. Sleek, black dress shoes? Charcoal glen plaid pants? white shirt? bow tie? black windsor?

    Any thoughts, comments, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    This year we will be having our "Back to the Futurists" themed beaux-arts at the Illium cafe on Broadway in downtown Troy from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Your ticket gets you three drink vouchers for a selection of beer and wine, appetizers, and music. Be sure to bring your ID if you are over 21. Dress is semi-formal, semi-futurist. Feel free to get creative!


    I can't be the only one that thinks you should just wear a suit, but TRON it up



      I would try anything by a user named Joolander!



        Something military inspired would be cool, think Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc... whether is be a military style blazer and maybe some boots or finding something reproduction like this (quick google search, no idea as to the quality)



          Orange feels like a futuristic color, maybe good for a pocket square or something? Also, anything that glows would be cool, if you could pick up a neon watch or tie for instance?

          Get this!

          Or DIY:



            you could wear white pants with that blazer you have, and then do all neon colored accessories (tie, watch, socks, pocket square)



              I miss architecture school. Sometimes.



                In the future, everyone wears white Puma tracksuits.

                Until you need to look a little more common.



                  I made a Tron lightsuit last Halloween that involved a lot of stitching and researching for glow products. Since this is Dappered, you probably wouldn't want to buy a $50 one use tie or one use military outfit. I would suggest for you to wear whatever semi-formal attire you have then add something cheap that glows.

                  -Pick up a Tony Stark/Iron Man arc light/arc reactor. Attach to your chest or other part of your shirt/blazer

                  -Use double stick tape to attach glow sticks to your attire or use reflective tape. Get creative with forming lines and shapes and use the Tron lightsuit for an example.

                  -Double stick glow sticks or a battery powered LED light kit to the inside of your blazer (if it's considered semi-formal) for a more subtle look outside that still glows inside.



                    This may be disappointing, but my girlfriend and I have decided not to go. The tickets cost too much to go without being of age to enjoy the beverages that we're essentially paying for. All great suggestions though.. Thanks! Would have probably done the glowstick arc reactor, clever and cheap (not that it really matters).

                    @maccoinnich shall we start an architecture thread?