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    I would definitely need the Year Rounder pants slimmed through the leg. It looks like a Levi 501 cut when I'm aiming for the 514.

    I'm currently exchanging a pair of Sta-Prest Levi's to get the right size, but I was really impressed with the style. They're 60% cotton, 40% poly. Not gonna be the quality of 100% wool. But they come in a variety of fits. I'm sizing up with the 511 fit now:



      Wow, I'm glad to see all of the responses. Looks like I should give the LE pants a shot! I've been wondering about bonobos but honestly I can't bring myself to care enough about the company to wade through confusion stackable deals to get a good price. I know that they've got a good reputation but that's too much trouble. I'd prefer a straight sale to try the pants! Hoping the Year Rounder pants fall below the $56 they're at right now!

      Silly question, but cuffed or uncuffed? I've never had cuffed dress pants before. And there are so many length options (really precise!) how do I know what to choose? Should I go to my tailor and get measured?



        When you get them, I'd suggest ordering them unhemmed. It will force you to get them hemmed perfectly. =)



          I agree with the above. No one knows exactly where you wear your pants, or how much break you like, except you. Pant hemming is usually a cheap and low-risk endeavour.



            Hemming is like $15-$20, so I'd get LE to hem them for free, if they are the wrong length you can take it to a tailor and get them redone...or return to LE if they screw it up.



              This may sound weird and really damage my credibility, but I would recommend the Old Navy Light Grey dress pants. You can usually find them on sale for about $20-$24. YES, they are polyester. YES, they are from Old Navy. BUT.... They are machine washable even though the tag says otherwise and they have a GREAT fit for me. They have an ever so slightly tapered fit. Nothing terribly noticeable, but it gives a shorter stockier guy (5'10" 175 pounds 33/30 pant and 38R blazer) like me more length and makes me look taller. I usually struggle with any pants with tapering because I have large legs and very large calves. I cant wear the Alpha's or the Lands End Canvas Slim fit Chinos because they are too tight around the calves. These are the perfect blend of taper but not horribly tight.



                I agree with Express pants, they do not have the greatest quality, but you can find their "wool" pants for around $50-$60 most of the time (right now they offer 40% on a lot of suiting). I admit that I have probably 8-9 pair Express pairs, and they make ok work pants for my taste. It looks like you would be better off with their Producer cut, since that is their most common and "regular" fit.

                My bigger favorite are BR Tailored Slim Fit wool pants. They are not very tailored or slim if you ask me (Express Photographer fit is cut much closer/fitted), but if you get them on 40% sales like they had all last month every Wednesday, for $60 they make very good work pants pair. I own 4 pair , and so far they are holding up nice.



                  @bere09 Completely agree with you about the Old Navy pants. I bought a pair of the light grey on a whim for $20 and they have far exceeded my expectations. I am to wash them, what water temp did you use to wash yours?



                    I wash on cold/cold delicate (which is what I wash all of my clothes on) and then dry on the lowest setting (not fluff, as that is just the fan, the lowest setting other than that). I originally bought them without seeing the "Dry Clean Only" tag and took them back. I changed my mind and decided "To hell with it, if they get ruined it was only 20 bucks. It's worth it to have a pair of dress pants I don't have to dry clean."

                    I'm going to pick up an extra pair or two next time they are on sale as they are great "beater" dress pants. I wish they still had the charcoal color though, as the other two colors they have now I'm not a big fan of. The blue is weird and the khaki color has a weird texture to it, but I still may try it.



                      @bere09 Nice, I will have to try that. Thanks for the heads up.



                        well heck if you're going to try old navy; they are cotton and rayon btw, try some light grey chinos. Tommy Hilfiger outlet had a sale they were $30, LE also sells a variety of colours as well, and they will most likely keep you more comfortable. Also with LE benefit of being able to pick the length of some chinos, if you have say a 33 waist and 34.5 inseam you're golden.

                        Just remember Poly doesn't breathe very well so you will be warmer than some of the lighter wool weaves. IMO it also doesn't look nearly as polished in an outfit either, but if you're just working at a somewhat lax work environment then who cares. But if you wear AE/Alden/Lobb/Cheaney and poly pants....shame on you!

                        Also with the Old Navy pants, being a cotton rayon blend I'm not sure how well they will hold a crease, now if you don't see the need for a crease you can save some cash.



                          bere09 - You don't sound remotely short and stock at 5'10" and 175! ON makes some of my favorite clothes, for sure. Their tweed pants this past winter were lackluster, but I'll have to see about their lighter weight pants.

                          Right now, my favorite dress pants are the Indochino Ultimate Grey Suit pants. After alterations, they are mint. I believe they are the ones Joe is wearing in today's post.



                            @shad0w4life: Yes, they do not hold their crease very well and is something that needs to be ironed back in on a regular basis.