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    Dress Pants Search!

    So I realized today that I don't really have nice dress pants. I've got an old wool chalkstripe charcoal grey pair from BR and a nice BR Monogram pair I recently thrifted with a light windowpane-type pattern, but my other two dark dress pants are 100% polyester things from Perry Ellis that aren't worth the money I spent on them. I've got a couple pairs of nice cotton, lighter-colored dress khakis/pants, but I realize that I really need some nice-fitting, quality dress pants, ideally in 3 colors: gray, charcoal, and navy.

    I was wondering if you had recommendations for nice (possibly tropical weight because I live in the South) wool dress pants in the $40-60 range (hard, I know) and then something in the $60-100 range (hopefully easier). I'm not looking for anything that's very slim (big thighs and rear) but a nice, flattering cut would be ideal (although for the right price I'd be willing to purchase something with maybe a less flattering cut that I could take to my tailor and have slimmed below the knees). I like the look of the pants here, they have what looks like a great fit to me and would fit nicely on my body:

    I don't think I'll be wearing them often right now but in a year or so I'll really be heavily relying on them, so I can afford to wait and look for deals/save up for some nicer pairs, which is why I asked about recommendations in the $60-100 range.

    Do you have suggestions? Will my $40-60 search be fruitless? I've heard good things about Incotex and Brooks Brothers (but $$$). I'm guessing I should stick to solids, but I'm not sure about that either.



    Lands End (non canvas) has a lot of pairs of pants that have a solid fit without being too trendy.. I would look around on there for the 60-100 range, and maybe wait for a sale or check clearance? The Year'rounders have gotten some good reviews



      I managed to pick up the Year 'Rounder pants for $33 on a crazy sale. They normally run $80, but you can get them for $50 pretty regularly.

      Just make sure to buy the flat front, tailored fit version.

      Also, if you're near Uniqlo in nyc, the tasmanian wool pants are fantastic for $50.



        zero, what do you think of them? $33 sounds great. They're currently going for $56 on the 30% off sale. I'm tempted to just buy them to see if I like them since I can return to Sears for free anyway.



          I bought the LEC wool slim fit herringbone for $39 on sale, but it took another $50 in tailoring to make them actually slim fitting. Might be too heavyweight for your needs, too. If you get wool, you'll want something lined at least to the knee for your comfort.



            Out of my 4 pairs, (sears, suit pants, tip top gabs and Tommy Hilfiger), I love the tommy hilfiger, they fit perfectly and come in a light grey. I got them on sale for about $60 or so. There was a take %40 sale items, and the pants were on sale for $99. They are tailored type fit and they length is perfect, I said 34 and they break right over my shoes like I had a master tailor pick the length. I will be ordering the navy sharkskin version when they are on sale next.

            most of my other pants I get the waist bigger so my legs fit, eg. I have 33 waist 7 for all mankind A pocket boot cut jeans, and when I was a bit more Gym hungry I couldn't wear them. Now after a cutting phase, I can fit in but they are pretty tight.

            I do have some Lands End tailored year rounders coming in so I can see if they fit well, with the added bonus of free hemming which I consider a huge plus as that's about $15 off. I will be buying their flannels if there is ever the mens sale event that stacks with a coupon code event again. Along with a few other pants I imagine, pretty good reviews for them. And Paul Fredrick has some decent pants according to people, get them on sale as well for roughly 50-70 but they need to be hemmed after.



              How does everyone feel about Express pants? I have a pair of their "Producers", and I'm pretty happy with the fit and quality. They are always running some sort of sale or coupons, so $40 a pair is a possibility.



                Well my experience with them was, I tried them on, liked them, came home, happened to end up at AAAC from a google search about if express shirts shrunk. Read how bad they were for wrinkling etc. along with the pants and returned them all.

                Pants aren't really wool either, after the switch to wool...I love them, they breath very well and keep you more at the room temperature unless you get heavier weaves.

                And I was really pissed off reading that about express because so far their OTR shirts fit me better than the 2 MTM shirts, and the 4 rebuilt by tailor shirts(if you get an old tailor they pin you down then don't take as much off as you'd like I've found).

                But for $40 get something at lands end on sale, they will have some cotton twill for less formal pants and some sort of wool pants on sale eventually. People have got the Flannel($140) down to $53 with patience will work out in your favour here.



                  Yeah. They definitely have something other than wool in the blend for the pants, that gives it a little stretch (spandex?).

                  I gave up on their shirts a long time ago, but the pants seem ok. Atleast the pair I have is pretty wrinkle resistant.

                  Definitely not top quality though, so if you can snag the Lands End pair for similar prices, go for it.



                    I got a light grey Bar III slim fit suit from Macy's a while back. I like the pants a lot. They're light weight and surprisingly slim. Keep an eye on the sales and see if you can get them sub $75



                      @LosRockets: The year 'rounder pants are decent for the money.

                      PROS: fairly slim, inexpensive

                      CONS: very lightweight, might be too thin for you in winter. The rise on them is also pretty normal, so if you are looking for a more modern pant with a lower rise, it might not be for you.

                      Oh, also definitely order them +1" compared to your normal pant waist size - they run really tight.



                        If Bonobos ever runs good sales and codes again they are worth checking out. The wool is pretty quality and light weight. The regular prices are quite steep, however. Something to keep an eye out for.

                        "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                          Regarding the Express Producer pant: They wear out quickly. :-/



                            +1 for the Lands End year rounders. I where them on a daily basis for work. They can get kind of pricey if you don't catch a sale though.



                              Personally, I've had very good success with my Express wool dress pants. I waited for a clearance sale, so I've never paid more than $50 each. The fit is great, and mine have held up quite well over the last few years. Keep in mind that I have several pairs of other dress pants in addition to the Express models, so I never wear the same pair more than once a week -- this surely helps keep them from wearing out prematurely.

                              I will say that I have not purchased a new pair from Express in the last year or two, so I can't offer an informed opinion about the materials used in the current versions.