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Orange Umbrella - Would you wear it?

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    Orange Umbrella - Would you wear it?

    Pretty simple - would you wear/hold an orange umbrella?

    Pros: When did everyone decide that all umbrellas needed to be black? Sure orange can be a tough color to pull off but if done properly it could make you stand out in just the right way and add a bit of cheer to an otherwise dreary day. Some of the best umbrella makers for men offer orange as an option for their top of the line umbrellas (london undercover, davek) so clearly they think bright colorful umbrellas are not just for women.

    Cons: You will most likely stick out like a sore thumb which may not be desired in certain situations. Not exactly the most practical color choice for an item you only really want/need one of. May be a bit too fashion forward.


    It's a bit too dandy-ish for me. I have a grey umbrella, and I'd carry a navy blue one, but outside of that I'd feel too self-conscious with brighter colors or any patterns. I think the blackwatch pattern on the outside is fine, but the orange interior is too much.



      How about another con...

      It's $153.73 USD! *puke*



        A ton of orange is intense, more power to ya if you can pull it off.

        On a side note, as you've linked to the brand, I have a Davek (all black, in the solo size) and I love it. I used to lose umbrellas every other time it rained, but I've held onto my Davek (prob bc it cost so much) for a couple years now. That and it's great against some of the wind tunnels you get on certain streets here in NYC.



          @ Alan

          Those were more for examples. A simple search on amazon pulls up many options in the more affordable $10 - $20 range.

          I am with you in that I don't see many of the "Dappered" crowd dropping that kind of change on an umbrella.



            I agree with it not being cost-effective, but I do feel as though if you're going to rock something so loud, typically I'd go for something of good quality as people will focus on the item. Of course quality doesn't always mean brand/price, but good luck convincing the general public otherwise. Further, you don't have to fit in or get the approval of the public, but then again you did ask us whether we thought it was too much.



              Very true. Definitely always a struggle determining how much you are paying for quality, how much for style, and how much for brand name. Have never owned a Davek umbrella but have always heard good things and their unconditional lifetime guaranty gives a little extra reassurance for an item that seems to be so prone to destruction.

              Exactly. Just because it is raining out doesn't mean we all have to look like we are going to a funeral. Is an orange umbrella or other colorful umbrella too over the top or is it a potential way to spice things up a bit and set yourself apart from everyone else?



                Not sure where you are, but I'd say go for it if you like the look. Here in NY you get all sorts of umbrellas held by all sorts of people (mix and match -- not all business persons use black and not all fashionistas/hipsters/etc do crazy stuff). YMMV on how many looks you get per your locale, but screw it.



                  Anyone have any good ideas on what brands sell long stick umbrellas with a cool color like that, but at a reasonable price? I know Joe likes the Totes umbrella from Macy's, but like the OP, I was hopping for something a little more cheerful than plain black, but don't want to pay through the nose.



                    @BrownCow: How's this for colorful? >:-)




                      Lol, what's an umbrella? :P

                      But I would consider it. Who knows, maybe the love of your life will find you because of your orange umbrella. (anyone?)



                        @ BrownCow

                        Some other top umbrella companies are London Fog, Leighton, and GustBuster.

                        Here are some from ShedRain (another decent company) in the $20 - $30 range with some decent different but not crazy colors.




                          @thmage -- I was waiting for someone to make that comment, nice



                            And don't forget your go-to-hell rain boots to go with your umbrella.




                              Classic umbrellas forever.

                              I don't even like orange.