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My first blazer

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    My first blazer

    So I'm an engineering student who's going to be graduating within the next two years. As part of my program I have various internships where I work with various company for four months at a time. I've found that when I have to attend semi-formal work events my standard outfit of dress pants, dress shirt and tie has been lacking when I'm mingling with the higher-ups.

    I believe I need a good, versatile blazer that I can wear with a variety of pants and shirts until I graduate and can expand my collection. I'd also like it to be wearable with jeans if I choose to dress up for a causal event. Anyone have any suggestions for a cheap option that fits my need? Thanks in advance. You'd be really helping me out!


    I think your first stop would be your nearest thrift store. I'd look for something in navy blue that fits well and preferably 100% wool. One word of advice, if its your first and likely to be your only for awhile... be picky.



      My favorite blazer that I've ever owned I scored for $40 at a banana republic outlet. Outlets are always risky, but BR has a decent off the rack fit (didn't require a ton of tailoring) and sales all the time. Go for a versatile color like navy and make sure it is 100% real fibers (cotton, wool, a blend of the two), not synthetics and you should be golden.

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        To go along with Frank, THRIFT IT BABY!!! LOL. But you should probably consider a Navy Blazer. It is going to give you the most versatility. I own about three navy's, 1 unlined and cotton, the other is what the true definition of a Blazer is (the navy blazer with brass buttons)thrifted and a navy blue worsted suit. Happy hunting.

        Note: always your best fitted shirt with you, when you go to try on sports coats.

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          Great points guys, thanks! Hoping on getting out within the next week or so and check around the local thrift stores in a fitted dress shirt and jeans. I'm pretty excited because not only is this going to be my first blazer but also my first thrifting experience. I've read some of the finds some of the guys in the forums have found so I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it turns out!



            A little extra advice, thrifting can be a bittersweet experience so don't go ready to strike gold your first go round. Look up as many thrift stores as you can find and try and scour them all on a semi-regular basis (think biweekly or so). Typically, a decent find is once every blue moon. Have something kind of in mind to look for when you go in, else you may be there all day... unless of course you like that sort of thing, like me.



              SO I checked out some local thrift stores but didn't come out with a blazer yet. I found some Dior and Ralph Lauren coats but sadly they were either way too big or way too small. I'm going to be patient though and eventually something will pop up. I'll keep you posted.



                Keep at it with the thrifting. I only occasionally find things, but when I do they're usually very nice. A few months ago I found a navy blazer (black buttons, not the brass), and it fits me to a T. Navy blazers look great with dark jeans (no ties with jeans though).

                Also don't forget to check the dress shirts out and shoes at the thrift stores. I've found some niiiiice stuff there...



                  I kid you not, I got an extremely solid blazer at Kohl's.

                  It's Chaps brand, has a soft, almost velvet feel. I went down a size (40R to 38R) and it fit PERFECTLY, no tailoring needed -- and believe me, I'm very picky about fit.

                  It was $40 on clearance - the tag says $160, probably sold closer to $70 in reality. I've worn it out several times and it gets loads of compliments. Granted, you could probably nitpick it a little, but it's a very nice blazer for a very good price.

                  Give them a look.



                    I've got a blazer I've been wearing for six years. It's Ralph Lauren and fits pretty decently. I'd suggest keeping an eye on the sales racks at department stores as well; this was about $40 from Macy's.