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    Shoe suggestions

    At work, the dress code is casual. Almost everyone wears a combination of these things:
    <ul>[*]Polo[*]Baggy button-ups[*]Dad jeans[*]Pleated khakis[*]Weird shoes that aren't sneakers but aren't dress shoes either[/list]

    My normal wardrobe consists of a mix of the following:
    <ul>[*]Solid or pattered button up[*]Tie[*]Odd trousers[*]Chinos[*]The occasional blazer (it's already too hot here in TX to wear one regularly)[/list]

    Anyways, I'm slowly building my shoe collection. Currently, I have AE Player's Shoe in walnut, AE McAllister in black, and J&M Headley Saddle shoe in dark brown.

    What would y'all suggest for my next shoe? I want something versatile — something that will fit with anything from dark jeans to the occasional suit. On the casual side, I was thinking about some suede bucks, either in taupe/dirty or dark brown. On the more formal side I was considering a dark brown cap toe (something like AE Strands), monkstraps (single or double), or even a clean loafer (like these or these.

    All that to say, I'd love to hear your suggestions on what I should get next.


    Considering you now have 3 lace-ups, I think a loafers may be in order (though I don't often wear them with jeans). That Westchester looks pretty nice. As for color, I would consider something either in medium brown or burgundy since you don't already have anything like that. BTW, what kind of company is it?



      Good suggestions, sir. Thanks.

      It's a church in a college town.



        Yeah, I noticed from your linked Facebook page that you're in B/CS. Gig 'em! My dad lives in Bryan, and most of my family (myself, included) has gone to A&M.



          BTW, I noticed the AE 2 for $200 sale had a number of loafers in the mix (including some Italian-made). Is there another shoe in there you like? You could get a loafer plus maybe something dressier like the Hales (which are available as firsts)?



            Also, they're carrying the Van Ness as firsts and it's available in chili (which is basically burgundy). It's a cap toe in the same vein as the Strand.



              Awesome! I love B/CS and A&M. When did you graduate? I'm class of 2010.

              Nice find on the Van Ness. I hadn't seen those. I'll look at the loafers and see what I can find.



                I missed my own chance on the Van Ness, but I've got them hunting for one in a larger width since they run a bit narrow. I transfered out when I changed majors, but is still the school I claim. I graduated in 2004.




                  I'd suggest the AE Fifth Avenue in brown, or the AE Van Ness in burgundy. Both are quarter-brogues (a cap toe with minimal broguing on the toe only).

                  Another option would be the park avenue in merlot.

                  Chili is a little different looking than burgundy- I debated if I wanted to buy the Van Ness's in chili in my size also.

                  Here's a shot of walnut, chili, and burgundy cordovan:



                    I like the Park Avenue in merlot, but I'm worried it may be a bit too formal. I'm gonna stop by Nordstrom Rack this weekend to see if they have anything.



                      Whoop! to my fellow Ags.

                      Class of '06.



                        Anyone have any other suggestions?



                          Seeing as you already have a couple pairs of AE, I'd suggest branching out. I know there are a lot of AE fanatics on here and I own a couple pairs myself...but they're not the be-all, end-all of shoes. Variety is the spice of life; mix it up a bit and get something a bit more daring!



                            That's what I was thinking too. Any suggestions on brands?



                              brown suede loafers