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You know you like men's style if........

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    You know you like men's style if........

    So with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy...Actually, screw that guy, no apologies..... here are a few way to tell if you are into men's style. Please add your own!

    - You've lied to your boss about an early morning dentist appointment to be the first in line at your tailor.

    - The Goodyear blimp is mentioned at a football game and you immediately think of AE shoes.

    - A friend mentions he studies at Oxford and you can only think that he got a casual degree.

    - You're more excited to visit the outlet mall than your significant other.

    Dress for style, live for results.


    - You dress up, not down, for a final exam. (My friends make fun of me, but I feel more confident when I'm dressed well)

    - People think you're from California when you say you're from SF.



      - Someone tells you they got a pair of oxfords and you ask them to be more specific.

      - Your shoe collection will soon eclipse your significant other's (if it hasn't already).

      - You're using (and filling up) the closet in the guest bedroom as overflow storage.

      - Your monthly dry cleaning bill costs more than your cable bill.

      - You stare at your feet and avoid rough pavement when you walk so you don't damage your expensive shoes.

      - You have ties in at least 3 different kinds of cloth (and none of them are polyester).

      - You wear a tux to your friend's wedding... And you look better than he does.



        Lately I find myself analyzing well dressed men for outfit ideas as I walk to work. Obviously, this can lead to some awkward looks.

        I really should start a blog called



          You cringe at the sight of visible undershirts.

          You spend your commute on the train checking out (and judging) other mens' shoes.

          You could wear a different pair of shoes every day for a month.

          You own the same model of a pair of shoes in three different colors, because, you know, for matching.



            - You know more about shoes than your wife

            - People constantly ask you why you're so dressed up

            - You contemplate how you could upgrade everyone's outfits.



              - you know who Nick Wooster is

              - you wonder how people wear square toe loafers with rubber soles from famous footwear with a suit

              - you talk about clothes with strangers on the internet



                You overspend on your clothes budget every month. By the 3rd of the month. But find really great ways to justify it (I mean, those 2 pairs of AEs will last a long time....)

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  "you talk about clothes with strangers on the internet "

                  Strangers? Where? There are no strangers here!




                    "You own the same model of a pair of shoes in three different colors, because, you know, for matching."

                    Lol, my favorite.



                      - you sign up for every Dappered contest regardless of what it is (i.e. Seersucker suit and you live in Antarctica)

                      - You have a Excel spreadsheet for the numerous codes you "may" need

                      - You ask all family members and friends to enter into the monthly Orient watch giveaway. I am talking mother, sisters, 2-year old niece, etc.

                      - When your wife or girlfriend says, "I like fine wines and travel. Fashion! That's your thing right there!"

                      - You look at those guys who don't iron as neanderthals.

                      - MOST IMPORTANT: Your mantra is whole-heartedly "Quality over Quantity."

                      - You never confuse "AE" to mean American Eagle. NEVER!

                      - You viciously shake your head when you see people spending $200+ for TENNIS SHOES!!!



                        you've gotten everyone around you (work, family) to start dressing better because they always think they're underdressed when they're around you. *(WINNING)