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Good article on the death of retail spaces

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    Good article on the death of retail spaces

    Die, Workwear! has a great article on the slow death of fashion stores at brick and mortar malls. The article can be found here:

    Much has been written about the impact of fast fashion on these pages, but what I liked about the above article is the author does a deeper dive in to how some stores are coping with the shift in retail dynamics. The article is a little long but nothing crazy. I thought it might be of interest to you guys so there you go. Enjoy.

    I skimmed it and will read some more but I think that the death of B&M gets over analyzed. Its price for the most part. Price drives most consumers. Sometimes we pay extra for the convenience of going out and getting it and sometimes we want to try stuff on first but usually people want the cheapest price regardless of possible quality differences. Each generation is more and more tech-comfortable and online retailers are getting shipping costs down. I see stores shooting themselves in the foot too. Best Buy has different prices online and in store. I have gone to the store to buy something based on the web price and they refused to price match. So I did online purchase and just went home and waited 2 days. Once I even did it for instore pickup right in front of the cashier then asked them to fulfill my online order. But they wouldn't price match themselves. Old Navy runs different promos and prices online vs in store as well.

    Also, malls die as demographics and populations relocate. In my area I have seen malls die slow deaths but there are new malls in other areas constructed. The total count is the same.

    I think the market will adjust, as they pointed to int hat article. Take the book retailers for instance. Amazon killed most of the local book stores. There are a few Barnes and Noble around but some of them have shut down in my area as well. As time has passed the used bookstore has revived, at least in my area. There are 4 used book stores within 10 miles of my house now. The local business people found the missing niche and are filling it. It will ahppen int he fashion industry as well. I dont know wha thtat will look like but I know when I go to the store it is for these reasons...

    I need it NOW. This is usually a staple item that I have an immediate unforeseen demand for.
    I am on the fence and want to try it on first.
    I want that specific niche thing that I cant find online. This is rare though.


      idvsego, I've had that same price difference experience at Lowe's Home Improvement. The manager would not price match so I ordered it online from Amazon and made sure to tell the manager on duty at Lowe's the next time I was in there what I did.


        Speaking for myself...

        - I went to staples/office depot/wherever to get I-don't-remember-what; the store didn't have it.

        - A brand sells size XS/28 only on online store, so...

        - XS size getting too big. I go MTM for shirts, pants, sport coats, suits.


          The majority of my favorite pieces that I really love were purchased, or at least seen, in bricks and mortar stores. Of course, I'm spoiled because I live in New York and have a lot of options, but if I'm disappointed in something, it's always from online.

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