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Recommendations for replacement leather alligator watch straps

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    Recommendations for replacement leather alligator watch straps

    I have an Orient Bambino V2 with cream face and blue hands, which I love. It is a beautiful watch, and probably my favorite watch, but the strap it came with hasn't held up very well. It has a shiny finish and is a slightly reddish brown alligator type strap that must be made of "genuine" leather that has cracked on the stress points. Are there any replacement straps in this style that are high quality and actually might hold up over time?

    The bambino used to have odd sized lugs. Pretty sure there is a thread on here about a few people hunting replacements. But panatime is a good starting point. Hirsch is a good brand. Hadley roma is good and cheaper but needs a little break in to get soft.


      My frederique constant was my first big watch purchase so I was actually a bit of a snob when I first got it.

      First time after the stock strap gave out I got something like this from strapped for time:
      Loved the strap, at least to me felt like better quality than my stock strap. I only wish I had a butterfly clasp for it, probably would have lasted me longer than 2 years. And almost 50 bucks?? A little pricy.

      Fast forward to last year, the previous strap broke and I was planning on buying the one from strapped for time again along with a butterfly clasp, but my dad absolutely refused to pay that much for a strap lol. (He also was looking to replace his strap on his frederique constant). So we ended up ordering something like this in the 10 to 15 dollar range:

      Was it as nice as the one from strapped for time? Probably not. But for what you're getting for less than 15 bucks, and sometimes including the butterfly clasp? By far one of the best cheaper options. I've been wearing mine for about a year now and besides it maybe being a little stiff at the beginning, have absolutely not regretted getting this one.

      And of course they have a brown option too:


        I recommend B&R Bands. I've bought four leather straps from there, including a gator strap. A little pricey, but high quality.

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          I have the same watch and have replaced the band with this Clockwork Synergy NATO leather unit.

          Real life pic HERE

          Personally, I've never liked Orient's alligator bands. But that's just me. YMMV.


            I really like Keleran, they sell on eBay under the username: soulsis78556h


              I bought a nice leather strap for my Bambino. Completely improved the watch. However for the life of me I can't remember where I ordered the strap from. The strap is leather and the maker was kind enough to custom make the lug size for me. If you search through the history of posts on the forum here, you will no doubt find the thread where we talk about replacing the Bambino strap.

              Nevermind. Here's the link: