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    These are $177, down from 495, and are really nice. I bought them in tan.


      Originally posted by connersw View Post
      navy chino tends to fade with age, a pair of navy chinos could look too casual with black shoes (that's generally the issue with chinos and black shoes).
      That's a good point.

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        Black shoes

        Black shoes are either formal or edgy. Since chinos are neither (especially with a sweater) there will always be inherent tension in the pairing. Black shoes work best with wool or denim. Think Fred Astaire or James Dean.

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          I appreciate all the replies, especially regarding my pants queries. There are a lot of good shoe primers on the web, including Dappered's, not as many on pants, it seems. Haven't pulled the trigger but leaning towards and inexpensive (in case I don't like 'em) wingtip with a contrast sole. Maybe this?

          Plan to wear with grey trousers and black trousers. Maybe the shoes will last until the polyester trousers give out!

          Thanks again.


            [MENTION=16724]SwiftToole[/MENTION], I don't know if you're still looking or not, or if you're looking to drop AE money, but they've got a number of good looking, more casual black shoes on clearance right now.


            Clearance section link (I didn't look through the whole thing, the ones above just jumped out at me):


              Originally posted by NickMeshakar
              I often buy myself new shoes. Sometimes my wardrobe becomes smaller than the number of my shoes. In my closet you can arrange a sale and I will become a millionaire. Recently found ankle boots for short legs there is a huge selection of different shoes
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