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Men's Wedding Band

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    Men's Wedding Band

    I don't think I have seen this topic discussed here before but I am getting married this summer and can't decide on a type of wedding band I like.

    This problem is made worse by the fact that I don't know any of lingo or terms involved in wedding band shopping.

    I am essentially looking for something pretty plain. I would like silver (in color, not necessarily material) a matte or "brushed" look, essentially anything that isn't really shiny.

    Any advice on where to look? I have only been in the mall stores, which only seem to contain highly polished gold or silver plain bands, or other bands with terrible engravings.

    I have looked around etsy a bit too, thought that would be a cool route. If anyone has any experience with sellers there that would be great.


    My ring looks a lot like this:

    In the store it cost anywhere from $150 to $300 for it in Tungsten, so I bought it online for 30 bucks. It has held up perfectly. Just make sure you know your size (try it on at the store) and buy online.



      Just ordered mine: I went with a custom, plain face, hammered edge Palladium ring, $300 from a designer on Etsy. Seller is here.



        Well I really do advise to either go with white gold or platinum because of the symbolism. Something so important should be nice, IMO. Plus, if it's expensive, I bet you'll take better care of it. I don't know what your budget is, though.

        If you're looking for matte or brushed, check this out:

        I'm not saying THAT's the ring you want, but it might be a jumping off point.

        Unfortunately, the price of gold has skyrocketed with this economic downturn so the timing is pretty poor for anyone getting married. Plus, gold is a soft metal so it will show wear over time. I got married just over a year ago, and my wedding ring is white gold. It almost has a tarnished look, but it's from wear, not oxidation. You can bang it (really hard) on the counter and dent it. Also, even white gold can start to turn yellow over time. When that happens, it can be re-plated to make it silver again. It's not expensive, but it might be a hassle.

        Platinum is not as traditional as gold, but it's really gained in popularity and is probably the second most common choice for modern couples. It's harder than gold and is generally more expensive than gold, but I haven't been following prices lately so I don't know exactly where they both sit.

        Then there are alternative metals such as tungsten, cobalt, and titanium. They can be downright cheap by comparison, but I just don't feel they carry the same significance or gold or platinum. Plus they are all harder which can be good or bad. If you sustain an injury on your ring finger that causes it to swell, the ring is going to have to come off. Would you rather them take your ring or your finger? If they can't cut the ring, well then... I guess you know what happens next.

        Regardless of what metal you choose, though, consider getting a "comfort band". It's a feature rather than a look, but not every ring has it. It just means that the inside edge is tapered so you can slip it on and off more easily. It also means that the ring isn't so chunky around the rim (which can bug people).



          Hardrain, I recommend that you look at vintage/estate/antique rings. The ring will have a story behind it, it'll probably be crafted better than what you'd typically be able to afford, and it will be less expensive.

          That's the route I took. Congratulations on your marriage!



            @Alan: What's the symbolism of white gold or platinum?

            Additional suggestion: Go recycled! There are tons of metalsmiths & designers working with recycled platinum, palladium, & gold.



              Hey Alan, what about silver? I would just go with one of the cheaper metals, but I agree that it will be a little more significant/better taken care of if it was a nicer material.

              I like these two from etsy:

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     edding+band&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_ min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=handmade

              I am a little worried about getting a custom one from etsy though because of not being able to return it if I don't like it



                I went with Cobalt Chrome -- shiny like platinum but w/o the cost and supposed to be harder than silver, platinum and gold.

                Mine's nearly identical to:


                minus the polish:





                  Silver is not an option for wedding rings. It's tarnishes very easily - especially if it's exposed to sweaty, oily skin. You'll be cleaning it monthly. None of the other metals mentioned in this thread tarnish.

                  As for the symbolism of gold... It's a precious metal. I'll admit that it's a traditional belief, and plenty of people don't see it my way anymore, but the shed value of the ring reflects the shed value of the relationship. Of course, there are people who find that a load of crap, and I can't really argue it.



                    Blue Nile has a decent overview about the various metals.

                    Gold has tradition and ease of making, but skin allergies can develop with constant wear ("the seven year itch" or "wedding-ring dermatitis").

                    Platinum's popularity has grown because of its increasing availability and it's hypoallergenic and can take abuse. Palladium and titanium have recently been offered and also gaining in popularity.

                    Silver is often discouraged because it is soft and easily dented (although not as much as 20k gold), tarnishes, and gathers scratches easily; all problems easily encountered on a man's hand doing everyday work and chores.



                      I have a white gold band that looks like this:


                      The only drawback is the satin finish scratches easily.



                        What do you guys think of this one? Is that price a little steep for 10kt?




                          Got mine from a local place called Spexton. They custom make and ship. Great attention to detail and I like that it was made for me




                            Someone above posted a link to . My wedding band is from there. They're great company and exchanged my ring with no problems when i ordered the wrong size.



                              Hey there, I too am getting married this summer. My fiance and I actually went to buy our rings 2 days ago. I custom designed her engagement ring, so we went in to get the matching band I pre-designed ordered and get something for myself.

                              I never wore a ring before, and it felt a little strange. I quickly noticed I didnt like anything really shiny and bright. I ended up going with a cobalt plain band. Something like this:

                     =gCbUUb3XIZPJMM:&imgrefurl= zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=63&sig=112961660060711637905&pa ge=1&tbnh=155&tbnw=155&start=0&ndsp=33&ved=1t:429, r:2,s:0,i:70&tx=118&ty=69

                              I am not fussy, and I would rather spend the money in the budget for the lady to get a really nice ring, than have more of the budget go toward me (plus I was able to make a couple of shoe purchases instead since she felt bad that her ring was many many times more expensive than mine, BONUS! :P). Cobalt is a darker metal, it is durable, doesnt tarnish, and its cheaper. I actually liked the way they looked better, before I knew the price. I am getting a custom designed one for $250 taxes in.

                              I think keeping it simple is best. I tried on like 50 different styles, and nothing looked more subtle and elegant than just a plain band. Congrats on the wedding, all the best!