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Your favorite suit-appropriate shirts?

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    Your favorite suit-appropriate shirts?

    I'm in the market for some new shirts and was wondering if there is a consensus on a brand that offers the best fit without excess material. I've followed Joe's own reviews from this spring, but was wondering about readers' own thoughts. Any takers?


    The easy way to go is the Express 1MX that Joe usually sings about, but my personal favorite has got to be the Arbitrage Smith or Clear Sky shirt.

    Nice fit. Great feel. But the best part is, if you are one of those that sometimes feels like wearing cufflinks, and other days not so much...they have a cuff called "American" which is the best of both worlds; the look of a French Cuff, but with a convertible button on the inside.

    Downside: no one in their right mind will pay $148 for one of these shirts. Fortunately, these guys solicit Groupon, so if you can wait for one of those, I'd jump on it.

    Example of an expired groupon you can follow: vs

    Hope that helps.



      If you catch a sale, you can pick up shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt for under $40 each. They're head and shoulders above anything you'd pick up from a mall/department store.

      There's actually one going on now with shirts starting at $39.



        Great recommendations, and thanks for the heads up on the Charles Tyrwhitt sale. I love the look & quality of their shirts, and for once they aren't cost prohibitive.



          they are actually having one of those sales now...J whats the fit like on those...

          "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



            "whats the fit like on those..."

            I was actually wondering the same thing. After looking at the site I'm thinking they must be wide in the waist/hips. It says they are cut generously...



              Scratch my last comment. I saw that they have a tailored fit option. The price is pretty good if their quality matches it. I've never heard of them before and I'm in the market for a couple shirts. I was looking at BB since they're having a sale, but this might be a better option!



                Just got some CT shirts in the mail. My impressions:

                1. Pretty nice fit, but not super slim. The tailored fit (their slimmest) isn't quite as slim as BB Extra Slim Fit.

                2. The material seems to wrinkle very easily - it's kind of a smooth cotton

                Overall, not bad for the price



                  i picked up a calvin klein slim fit at stein mart for about $35, fit is good, arm holes are pretty high, and not much excess fabric