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    I'm not a member of Amazon Prime. I rather dislike Amazon because of their tax-avoidance and monopolistic ambitions (Bezos says his intent is to make it so that everyone who doesn't have Prime is being irresponsible).

    But on their threat to retail, it seems to me that they are at least potentially better for smaller companies than they are for the big brick and mortar chains that themselves threaten the small companies. Think about what happened with book stores: the local ones were folding left, right, and center because of Barnes and Noble, Borders, and the like. But Amazon pretty much drove the chains out of business, while some of the local stores have thrived via second-hand sales on Amazon and the reduced general competition. If Amazon does start to up its game for clothing, I guess something similar might happen: the big chains - Gap, H&M, all the women's fast-fashion chains, perhaps J. Crew - might be priced out of business, but the smaller designers we like might do better, either because they could sell stuff on Amazon (as, say, Allen Edmonds already does) or because they'd have reduced brick and mortar competition (I can imagine this happening for, say, SuitSupply).

    Then again, I'm not in business and I don't follow it closely at all, so this is all speculation.


      It wasn't the most exciting sale, especially for clothes. I felt at one point like that whole section of the site just disappeared into a weird limbo of nothing but underwear and hideous shoes. I did get a pair of Goodthreads ocbd, but am probably most excited about the art supplies I picked up.


        Originally posted by srlclark View Post
        the big chains - Gap, H&M, all the women's fast-fashion chains, perhaps J. Crew - might be priced out of business
        I think the department stores are in trouble, but Gap and the other companies that make their own clothing have a chance to come out stronger as more retail moves online. They don't need to grow sales. just keep the same sales. If they do that, online shopping is a big plus since it allows them to cut expenses by operating fewer stores as more orders come online.