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Question about clothes washing

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    Question about clothes washing

    I am new to the whole mens fashion world and have been trying to take good care of the clothes that I buy. I generally hand wash all sweaters, cardigans, and selects pants. However, with most dress shirts and pants I machine wash cold and then hang them to dry. I've noticed that most of my dress shirts (mostly Brooks and Charles Tyr) say to machine wash cool. I haven't noticed any shrinking or other adverse ourcomes. Is there anything wrong with just washing them machine wash cold?


    There is definitely nothing wrong with machine washing your shirts in cold water. In fact, washing in cold will help minimize shrinking. Also, Tide actually makes a detergent designed for washing clothes in cold water that works very well.



      Sorry, I misspoke earlier. I should have said that most of the labels on these dress shirts say to "machine wash warm", but I ten to machine wash cold.



        Dress shirts I machine wash cold on gentle cycle and have not had any problems.

        Dress for style, live for results.



          My thought has always been it is perfectly fine to wash things on Cold when it says warm. Not so for the other way though, if it says wash cold you can't wash it on warm unless you want to shrink it significantly.

          When I see a "warm" tag I interpret that as feel free to wash on warm, but not necessary. I generally just go cold because I don't want to do multiple loads and some of the stuff I definitely don't want to shrink.

          I'm certainly no expert though, just my experience.



            For stains and really dirty clothes, it works best to wash with the hottest water recommended. For some things, that may still be cold water.

            To minimize shrinkage (and this goes against conventional wisdom when it comes to Speedos and swimming pools), cold water is the best. It's also the cheapest if you're paying for the water heater's energy and is the most eco-friendly.



              On that note, what if the tag says to machine wash cold and tumble dry low?

              I have a pair of navy J. Crew slacks that have these directions, and of course they faded and shrank in length after the first wash/dry. Luckily, I'm short so they actually fit better. But the dull, faded color suggests they are more casual than I'd hoped for. Of course, I still wear them and love them.

              For my newer black slacks from Express, I decided to use less than the recommended amount of detergent, and line dry (as instructed by the tag). The color is still rich and even, but the fit is still kinda long and a little roomy in the waist. Guess, I should take them to a tailor rather than ruin the color, huh?



                The general rule that I use is =

                For any clothing that you like, machine wash cold and then hang them to dry (or lay on a towel).

                This means that the only things I throw into the dryer are under garments and t-shirts.